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Domain upgrade

  1. Hi
    I'm trying to add the domain upgrade onto my site. I had this previously and it has expired.
    The DNS already points to WordPress, I've read the support pages and it says to click on Settings > Domain updgrade but I don't have a 'settings' tab in my navigation.

    I'm trying to redirect to my URL.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is your WordPress URL?

  3. You don't have a Settings in your Dashboard? Probably because you're on the global dashboard, not the blog dashboard. Look at the Admin bar at the top of the page and click on My Blogs. That should take you to the blog dashboard, and Settings is the last selection on the left.

  4. OH, and also, you actually need to click on Upgrades, then Domains, then at the bottom of that page, Domain Management.

  5. Hi Thanks so much

    I've looked at the global dashboard and the dashboard for each of my blogs, but the setting aren't there.
    I have
    > Invites
    > My Profile
    > Personal Settings


    I've looked under 'Personal settings' but it isn't there, sadly.

    Sorry to be a pain, can I give you my log in details and you could look?


  6. No, I'm not providing that level of support for Free!

    It sounds like you're looking on your Users tab instead of your Domains or Upgrades or even your main blog Dashboard. Get off that page to the dashboard for the site,

    Down the left on the blog dashboard should be a whole row of icons. IT'll be there. Also, there is no WWW in your blog URL

  7. raincoaster, there is NO link "Domain Management"

    I know because I have been searching for a way to update my DNS records for a few hours now. The help page is completely wrong. The links simply are not there.

    You can add MX records but that is about it.

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