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    I want to upgrade from my current @wordpress domain to a .com domain. Can I do this without losing the interface I use?
    Also, how can I fight back against a squatter on the domain I want?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. When you buy a domain name and use the domain name mapping upgrade for your WordPress.COM blog, everything is exactly the same, the only difference is that instead of being, it would be More info here:

    If the domain name you wanted has already been taken but uses a registered trademark that you own, get professional legal advice. Otherwise, I doubt you have any recourses. You could always settle for something similar (for example, if .com is registered, try .net) or very worst case scenario, make the current owner an offer…

    Moral of the story: if the domain you want has not yet been purchased, go grab it before someone else does.



    Looks like .net & .biz are open – not a cool as .com – – the name has been squatted on for over 3 years – so probably they want to sell it to someone – squatting is a regular business – some just squat on all the names on the map for a state (literally most towns) hopping to find a sucker – went through that for one project – a squatter wanted $1,000– for the town name – we found a different extension that would work –

    I did not see a 4 sale banner on the name – you could ask if it is for sale – but I would grab another extension before asking them the price to prevent them from completely shutting you down (make sure WordPress.COM can map the extension). Cheap insurance to have another name registered at $ 5– or so.

    FYI – when I got my name someone had registered it but never used it and apparently forgot about it – I saw that it was falling out of registration and all it cost was the regular registration cost – love it when a plan comes together

    Good luick

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