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    Hey everyone!

    We need help. We didn’t see the domain upgrade on February 18 , 2018 It’s the same problem like last year (

    The blog we need help with is
    and the URL that we want to get back is

    Could somebody help us? :)

    The blog I need help with is



    When a domain expires, it then goes through a process that can take several months to complete described at

    If you are in the grace period you will not have to agree to pay a redemption fee set by the domain name registrar that wordpress.COM staff cannot waive.

    Otherwise, if you want Staff to try to recover the domain for you then you will have to agree in advance to pay the redemption fee.

    If you’re logged into the account that is associated with your expired domain, they will look up its status and get in touch with details.

    If you are not logged in under the correct username account then clear your browser cache and cookies prior to logging into the associated account, and provide the domain URL here.


    Hi timethief

    Thanks for your quick reply! :)
    I think we need Staff to try to recover our domain for us and we would agree the redemption fee. How much would that cost for us?

    Kind regards



    You need to agree in advance and it’s $80.



    BTW that’s assuming no one else has purchased the domain and it is available.


    Ok. We agree



    Thanks. All you need to do now is wait patiently for Staff to check and see if the domain can be restored. They will respond here.


    We do.
    Thank you timethief for your help :)


    Hi –

    Thanks for writing in.

    Thanks for the tag, timethief.

    I’ve sent a request to our domain partner to have restored. It is indeed in redemption so the $80 fee will need to be paid in addition to the $26 yearly domain registration cost. Total $106.

    Once we hear back from them, someone will be in touch via email to let you know. That email will also contain a payment link.


    Oh, typically it only takes us about 2-3 days to hear back.


    Thank you for your help lizkarkoski :)


    Hi kathringassner ,

    We’ve just sent an email to the address on file for your account:

    Please check that account and reply there so that we can continue helping you with the domain renewal.


    Hey you all
    Thanks for your support!
    It’s worked out! :D


    Hi kathringassner,

    You’re welcome, glad we could help! :)

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