Domain upgrade vs. Google

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    I purchased domain upgrade from to months ago.

    I didn’t make any changes on Google webmaster because I didn’t think it is necessary.

    I checked Google webmaster the other day, it seems to be working well.
    However, there is no data on the tab “sites linking in”.

    It looks like the only thing I can do is adding to Google webmaster, generate code and put in on my dashboard/tools.

    However, my dashboard has only one space for Google verification code.
    So, that means I will have to replace the previous verification code I put almost 3 years ago.

    What do you advise me?

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t have any advice on this but I think @thesacredpath may be able to provide it.


    I hope so.


    I presume google is treating the two url as two sites, thus as duplicate content.



    I haven’t seen thesacredpath on the board today yet. I’m tagging this thread for Staff as they may arrive before he does.



    From Webmaster Tools, add and verify your blog at as a new site. Don’t worry about the old verification code, it’s fine to replace it with the one for the new location now.

    Once verified, bring up the old blog URL’s listing in Webmaster Tools and go to Configuration -> Change of Address. Select the new address from the drop-down menu and you’re good to go.


    After posting the last comment, I found an e-mail from staff (in reply to an email I sent the other day).


    To make this thread useful, let me post the response I received from staff via email, as it contradicts macmanx’s remark regarding “change of address”.
    It looks like [Google Webmaster] won’t accept subdomains in that area. However, your old URL automatically redirects to your mapped domain which should be enough for Google to catch on, so I don’t think this step is strictly necessary. The important thing is that you added the meta tag for the new domain.

    Unless someone wishes to comment/debate this, I think this thread is resolved.


    Thanks for sharing that update and best wishes to you.



    Really? I actually follow the exact steps that I gave you with one of my other sites on the day I gave them, 26 days ago.

    Maybe Google changed things around since then. Oh well.


    veryfy your new website again

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