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Domain Verification Not Functioning

  1. Pointed established Networksolutions domain records to WordPress Domain Server IP addresses, verified by nslookup, however WordPress domain mapping verification of to fails.
    NOTE: I cannot use the WordPress Name server mapping configuration in Networksolutions because this will disable critical email server record mapping.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi mediabureau,

    In order to map an existing domain to a blog you will need to purchase the Domain Mapping upgrade. Information on this upgrade can be found here:

  3. Yes, however as part of the domain upgrade process it appears WordPress first requires that tha domain owner configure and verify the mapping of the selected domain at the domain registrar (in this case Networksolutions) to a WordPress DNS prior to approving and purchasing the upgrade. Unless I misunderstood the process it appears that the verification function which is prerequisite to purchasing the implimentation of the DNS gateway mapping does not function using the WordPress name server IP addresses.

  4. Yes, you do need to changed the nameserver entries first before adding the domain upgrade feature. That process shouldn't take more than about 5 minutes. You site may be inaccessible for a couple of hours due to the time it take for the nameserver changes to propagate out to all the other DNS servers on the Internet.

    If you are worried about the downtime I would try to do this change at a time when you have the least traffic on your site.

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