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domain with 123-reg but want site to run wordpress

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this and so confused!

    Basically I purchased two domains with 123-reg, but their website templates are ugly. I want a wordpress one as I am familiar with it. (I run my personal blog on wordpress).

    123-reg aren't been useful saying I just need to 'point' to wordpress and wordpress will tell me what to do. I don't know what pointing is. But i can't find any information from wordpress telling me what to do. I need sort of a step-by-step guide.

    I'm meant to ask WordPress which method should I use:
    "Web forwarding
    DNS - using an A record or a CNAME record

    So if anyone knows what method I should use, or any clues on how to use my pre-bought domain names on wordpress that would be amazing help. I'm not good with technical stuff!

    Thank you!

    P.S. - my pre-bought domains are and

  2. This should get you started:

    Assuming you want to have your blog here - if you want to have your blog hosted on 123.reg or another host you need to make friends at WordPress.ORG

    You will also need zone records for your domain names - I will flag this for the staff to help you -

    Please repeat the two domain names you want to map here to help the staff

  3. Hi hi hi!
    So yes, i want my blog here. the chaps at sent me over.
    I've clicked on that link, what does this bit mean?

    "Your old address will still work, but we’ll automatically redirect traffic from your old address to your new one. That way, you won’t lose any readers after mapping your domain name."

    I don't have an old site. How can i upgrade? I've just got the site, do i need that? and upgrade that?

    I'm sorry for all the questions, nothing makes any sense to me!

    The two domains i have purchased from 123-reg are:


  4. also the 123-reg site says i need to know which forwarding method to use...:

    "Web forwarding
    DNS - using an A record or a CNAME record

    any ideas?

  5. - will work just fine - you can map both domain names to that blog - but you will need to decide which one to display for visitors - that is your Primary Domain name (that is one of the settings)

    Use Name-servers -

    DON'T forward anything - that will mess things up - follow the instructions for domain mapping in the link above

  6. Hello,

    I have sent you an email, however would like to confirm that if you need any help making the settings on the 123-reg side I would be more than happy to help,



  7. Sorry - one for the wordpress pros...

    which one do i want to use?
    "Web forwarding
    DNS - using an A record or a CNAME record

  8. which one do i want to use?


  9. thank you! attempting this all now....

  10. ok right. I've now paid for to be my primary domain.

    it said something about my 'Email / DNS' and also about 'zones' - what's my next step? will it just work now?

    Thank you for baring with me

  11. sorry - room4pr and hannahsnote are both me!

  12. Hi to Nerys @ 123-reg.

    as you can see i've done the domain what do i need to do from 123-reg end?

    Thank you!

  13. Are you going to have email that matches your custom domain name?

    If so where are you going to have the email hosted? 123-reg or Google Aps or another place?

    Also you will probably need a zone record added by the staff - would you please post the complete URL of the domain names you are mapping - that will help the staff to get things right the first time

  14. I've just clicked on 'edit DNS' and this came up....

    our nameservers need to be set to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM and NS2.WORDPRESS.COM for these DNS records to work. If you have already updated the nameservers you can ignore this message; it will stop appearing soon.

    ------------------------------------------ how do i update name servers?--------------------

    This form allows you to add DNS records for this domain. The standard records that make your blog work are not shown. You can enter DNS records in the format described briefly at the bottom of this page.

    -------------------where can i find my DNS records???--------------------

  15. i already have an email set up with 123-reg: [email redacted]

    how can i get staff to set up a zone record? is the only domain being mapped.

  16. The first link below should be help - you will need to get some info from 123-reg. The second link has some more info if you need it but the first one looks complete

    I flagged this earlier for the staff to help and add a zone record for you if needed for

  17. your amazing! thank you. i'll let you know what happens

  18. You be welcome & good luck

  19. I just confirmed that is now fully mapped to You shouldn't need an International Zone Record for this .com domain. Are you also planning on mapping to your site?

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