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    I’m planning to create a domain of my own. However, the bundle only shows the “no ads” option. I want to host some ads in my domain. If I purchase the bundle with “no ads”, will I still be able to put ads in my domain?



    Here’s the skinny on user initiated advertising


    thanks for the link, but it didn’t really answer my question (my trigger in posting here). My question was if I did purchase a bundle with “no ads”, will I still be able to put up ads for my own (such as using the likes of wordads).



    The short answer is no.

    The long answer is:

    I want to host some ads in my domain

    You cannot use your site to “host” advertising.

    …will I still be able to put up ads for my own…

    If you create your own content, such as the author of a book or a crafter who sells on Etsy, then you can promote your work on your site.

    If you need or want to run 3rd party advertising on your site, you can do so on a self-hosted WordPress install.

    Please reread the support doc if still not clear, including the other links therein.

    Best wishes.



    Also, if it was not clear from my answer above, if you buy a domain and use it with your site, you are still bound by the Terms of Service since technically your site is still hosted by

    See here, especially the Same Rules Apply


    Thanks but I think you misread my post. What I meant was if WordAds or whatever’s accredited with wordpress with the similar intent (put up ads for my own – instead of wordpress doing it) was part of the bundle or, do I need to purchase the WordAds or whatever’s accredited separately? I think I know very well that a domain needs to be bought and the likes of adsense and nuffnang aren’t allowed.



    You don’t purchase WordAds. You apply after you have a custom domain and then you wait several weeks or several months to see if you’ve been approved. New blogs, I believe, are not approved, but if it’s a blog that’s been around with a good track record that just got a custom domain it might be.



    such as the likes of wordads

    Sorry for any misunderstanding but it wasn’t clear to me what you were asking.

    The WordAds people have a FAQ here: and any questions about the program should be directed to the contact email there.

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