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Domaine mapping to WordPress SILL FAILS

  1. It's been 24 hours that I purchased the feature to map one of my domains to WordPress and it still is not working. On my provider side, 1&1, the DNS was updated and it is running fine. On the WordPress side, it fails. And the reason is simple: the WordPress DNS is not mapping to the correct subdomain.

    When I type the URL of my domain it goes to instead of which would take my domain directly to the WordPress usbdomain

    So who can fix this issue at WordPress?
    Blog url:

  2. When I visit your Store > Domains page, I see that on October 16th, you purchased a domain mapping upgrade for, not Perhaps that's the source of the confusion - did you mean to purchase the upgrade for instead? If so, you can cancel and refund this upgrade under Store > My Upgrades and purchase the correct one instead.

  3. Thanks for pointing out my typo. I cancelled the upgrade and bought a new upgrade with Now it shows that DNS is correct on that domain, but it still points to the subdomain immobilier-floride instead of florideimmobilier.

    How long does it take to update on the WordPress side?

  4. Spoke too soon it seems. It's working now.

    Thanks for your reply.

  5. Excellent, works for me too! If you want, you can set as your primary domain, by updating the "primary" option under Store > Domains.

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