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domain.fake in New Post

  1. I just noticed when creating a new post in that "domain.fake" is trying to access the page. Is this a part of Zemanta or something of concern?

    Here's a screenshot of firefox's Noscript

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Scott, no idea on that. I would suggest contacting staff directly to see what they say. Perhaps they know what is going on with it.

  3. maverickapollo

    Anything come of this, as I was wondering what the hell domain.fake is too.

    The name does not inspire confidence what ever it is :)

  4. Nope: if you're seeing it, contact staff and ask. And when you find out, post back here.

    I've used Zemanta for months and never seen this, so I doubt it's them.

  5. I just ran into it. NoScript alerted me. I use Zemanta too, coincidentally. I immediately marked it BLOCKED.

  6. Have you reported it to staff?

  7. Yep! I came across the same thing. I use NoScript on FF. And by default, it has blocked 'domain.fake'. I wonder what this means.

    What the heck!? The support is off brainstorming!? Come on man! Ridiculous!

  8. It's part of the Zemanta in the visual editor. While rather unfortunately labeled in NoScript, the script is harmless.

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