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Domains and blog stats

  1. Is there any kind of way to blog my OWN visits to my blog after I've created a domain? As it stands since I've created my domain today, WordPress is counting my own visits to my site along with everyone elses now that I've created it. Is there some kind of code or something I just have no idea about to prevent this? Or should I just stop looking at my blog?!!

  2. No, WordPress does not count your own visits, even on your own domain

  3. Well I did a little test. I did a search engine search of my blog name and clicked on it. Unless someone else did that at the exact same time, it's listed.

  4. What do you mean? Being listed in search engines and whether or not WordPress counts your hits are two entirely different things.

  5. /nod to raincoaster

    Is this stats reference helpful?

  6. Nah. I mean it's on my blog stats. I googled the blog name and clicked on it. Sure enough my clicking on it showed up on my blog stats. And I know I was the one who did it. Does that make sense?

  7. Checked out that link. Nothing really answered my question there, but thanks.

  8. masterclasslady

    Yes, but when you clicked on the Google link, you are not "logged in" to your dashboard because you are on the Google site, not the WordPress site.

    Thus, the stats counter would not register you as the owner of your wordpress site - you would be treated like any other ordinary visitor on Google.

    Hope the explanation wasn't confusing.

  9. That's quite true. I hadn't thought of that. Good catch.

  10. masterclasslady

    That's because I've done this myself -you know, as a sort of a Google and Stats test. :)

  11. Ah. That makes sense. I guess I also thought this was the case because a recent post got some healthy hits in a short amount of time. And it was around the same time I was tweaking it and looking back at it. But maybe it wasn't me afterall.

  12. It should not count your own visits when you're not clicking in from an external to site. If you're within, it shouldn't ever count your visits. You might want to ask staff to double-check your blog, though, as I have once heard of this happening.

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