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  1. I have two domain names - one with a website attached to it and a new one which I want to attach a new WordPress website to. How do I go about redirecting/connecting these two domains to WOrdpress thanks?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What are the two domain names?

  3. The website is attached/directed to with Weebly and is new and the one that I want to use for the new WordPress website thanks.

  4. Why do you need to know the domain names even though I've just said what they are?

  5. Well, how can anyone sort out a mess when you refer only to two domain names, out of a few hundred billions, and don't tell anyone which ones they are?

    I'm assuming you want to direct both of these custom domains to is that correct?

  6. Thanks. My intention is to have a new wordpress website with the 'au' domain name and the others directed to this new one.

  7. Ok, assuming you have .au domain registered elsewhere, you can map it to your blog following this guide:

    However, since it's a .au domain, we'll probably need to manually add a zone record for you first, so we'll need to know the exact domain name.

  8. The domain name is:
    Do I do the mapping thing first or is the zone record added first?

  9. I added a zone record for you - it might take a short time to propagate but you can map your domain name to your blog using the instructions @macmanx gave you above

  10. So I guess I get the new wordpress website first then map the domain to it? I don't wish to use my existing blog for this - I'll put a link to it.

  11. Yes make your new blog / web site then Map your domain name to it

  12. OK - getting there and thanks for all your help.

  13. You be welcome

  14. Hi - I've created the new blog and mapped it I think. Can you check if I've done it right please? Like i've updated the primary blog so that the primary domain is

  15. Your name servers are still pointed away from us. Per the guide at they need to be set to:


  16. OK that's done now. How do I turn off the blog - or incorporate it into the website - so that I just have a website as the main thing thanks.

  17. Well, is a blogging service, so you can't really "turn off the blog".

    You can do a few things, like set a front page and disable comments

  18. Thanks - I'm getting the hang of it now.

  19. You're welcome!

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