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    I signed up for a domain page and it connected me to someone elses page. They have the same company name as mine, a message did come up and asked me if I wanted to link the page. But I thought I was linking my blog page with the new web page I thought I was creating. The information under the blog indicated is not mine. I would like to have my own page so I can design accordingly. Please help me I have tried deleting the webpage under my account and there are no options to delete the webpage. I need to create a new domain with my company name. When I go on the blog that is connected to my account it as asking me to reactive the account under the webpage. But the webpage is not mine.

    The blog I need help with is



    I flagged this for staff attention – sometimes there will be old domain mapping that has expired and is still hanging around that has messed things up – the staff can look at you account and other accounts to see what went wrong


    Thank you auxclass. I will wait for a staff to contact me. I believe the domain needs to be deleted from my account and blog. I need to create a new domain under my blog. The URL: is not what I created and it won’t allow me to add information etc. because it says it has expired and I should activate the account. Looking forward for someone to help me with this issue so I can move forward and create my own domain.



    I have removed the mapped domain from your account as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


    Thank you.



    You’re welcome!

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