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    I have a hosted domain elsewhere. What is the cost if I map it directly to WordPress vs the cost if I map it to a sub domain? I believe your site indicates either way would cost $13.00 per year, but that is not clear.

    The blog I need help with is


    Mapping a domain you already own costs $13.00 per domain, per year.
    Map a subdomain (for a domain with an existing website) to your blog if you already have a website, and you want to add a blog to it under a subdomain (such as, for example).


    RATS! The last link I posted above is wrong. I meant to post this one


    Thanks, but sorry. I am just not quite getting it. That’s exactly what is on the site, and that’s what I was not understanding. It’s as if, some key words in the explanation are left out. Mapping a domain I own (Yes – thru GoDaddy) costs $13.00…. I am not seeing the meaning of a domain vs a subdomain.



    Map a domain = =

    Map a SUB domain = =

    Each are $ 13.– / year

    Map a domain – you are moving your entire web site to WordPress.COM

    Map a SUB domain – you keep your existing web site and add your WordPress.COM site to your existing web site as a “blog” or what ever you want to call it


    OK, now, THAT, is painfully clear, even to a SIMPLE man like myself. :O) All kidding aside, if your instrux throughout your site were written as simply as that, the non-developer crowd would grasp this stuff a lot easier. We’re photographers, restaurant, pet store, bicycle shop, travel agency, etc, etc, etc, owners, us bloggers….were not programmers :O)
    Thank you VERY much to the both of you for taking the time to get this info across to me. I really appreciate it – you helped me move on to my next step

    Tom Potter



    You be welcome & good luck

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