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Donate Button & other questions

  1. I want donation from others who download for stuff for free. Although I searched over the web and could not find a solution in how to add a donation button on the widget sidebar in my site. Is it only for PayPal, also how can I encourage other users to donate for my contributed effort in my contents to them, the readers?

  2. You can easily add a Paypal donate button on your blog.

    You can add that button either in an article, or in your sidebar, thanks to the text widget available in Appearance > Widgets in your dashboard.

    Here is some detailed information about the PayPal donate button:

  3. Is it only for PayPal, also how can I encourage other users to donate for my contributed effort in my contents to them, the readers?

  4. I could not see the paypal widget in the dashboard widget section.

  5. Also, is it easy to create a Paypal account?

  6. There is no PayPal widget. There is a Text Widget, where you can paste some code provided by PayPal, as this page explains in details:

    Creating a Paypal account is fairly easy, you will have to provide details about yourself, where you are living, and then you're good to go.

    Once you have the widget in place, I guess that's enough. People who want to donate will have a way to do so quite easily, since it is a simple button to click.

  7. What will be the procedure during the donation process?

    What are the chances I will receive a donation?

    Thank you for your help.

  8. You can try the Donate button on many different websites, and see for yourself, I guess it is the best way to see how it works. You can donate to the WordPress foundation for example:

    As per the chances that you receive a donation, it depends on the quality of your content, on the type of readers who will come across your blog, on the way you ask people for donations... I guess you could try and see.

  9. Will readers think it is too complicated with all the information you had to make, e.g. names, address...etc. Also, what is the best way to encourage them not to only download my creations then leave my site, but rather be not lazy and contribute a donation for my hard effort? I do think I have good quality creations, good service, polite way in asking for donation. Thank you for all your previous help and advices.

  10. I am afraid nobody can give you precise answers to these questions....

    As long as you give away a product for free and propose users to donate if they'd like to, it is obvious that most of them will choose not to donate.

    The best way to find answers to your questions is to try for yourself, and see the response from your readers: thanks to stats, you will ,now how many people visit your pages, and you will how many donations you received.
    Once you have your percentage, you will be able to decide if you want to go on with the donation system or not.

    That's all I can suggest I think. Good luck!

  11. Thank you for your answer. I do understand that my question was a little hard to estimate...etc. Anyway, I will try create an account with Paypal and see how it goes. Maybe it isn't going well, then I guess it has to be done by other ways. Thanks again for your generosity.

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