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    I am a newbie to Automattic, as I got our blog today.

    We are senior citizens with a dog that has a cataract in both eyes and we can’t afford to pay for his surgery. May we seek donations and not have to be concerned that we violated any of the Terms of Service of WordPress or Automattic?

    Thank you.

    Ken L.

    The blog I need help with is



    These are the types of blogs allowed and not allowed. > No advertising is allowed. > blogs cannot be equiped for ecommerce transactions. However, you can set up a PayPal Donation button. >
    Best wishes with your blog.


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    If I were you, I’d also have a contact form for people to get in touch with you so they can talk to someone and evaluate your bonafides person to person.

    I’d still run the question before support to be sure it is ok. They are away until 16 August but stop in to check the forums. I’ll modlook this thread so we can hope someone will notice your need for assistance. But if not, when they return, contact them.

    “Support is currently closed as staff meet offsite brainstorming ways to make things better. We will be dropping into the forums regularly during the hiatus, and we’ll formally reopen on August 16th.”



    @dogeyes, donations are fine. As timethief provided above, we have a guide to setting a Paypal donation button up:



    When they return, I will check with support, as suggested by 1tess, and the links, as timethief suggested. Thanks, ladies.

    I need to learn how to use WordPress first, anyway. Being open to new ideas, I will setup a contact form, as 1tess suggested. Thanks.

    I am amazed how quickly you responded to my question. Thanks, again.

    We were given a miniature black and brown Dachshund, Bandit, about nine years ago. We forgot how old he was when we got him. He has so much trouble seeing because of cataracts that he started walking into things. The cataracts grew into his line of sight within the about the last month or so, as I noticed that his usual running all over had slowed to a walk. I think it scares him and his spirits are beginning to fall. He is a very good little boy and we want to correct his vision to restore his quality of life. As long as we don’t readjust the furniture or move to another house, our vet said that due to the slow growth of the cataracts, dogs remember the layout of the house and are able to know, generally, where they should be going.

    As our vet suggested, within the last week, I will make an appointment with a specialist for an examination to see if he would be a candidate for surgery. Yesterday, the specialist’s office said that a ballpark estimate, without seeing him, was over $3500 dollars to have surgery on both eyes. One eye’s procedure was estimated at about $2800. In addition, payment is expected at the time of the surgery. Both are beyond our abilities. However, if there is some good fortune and the surgery can be done within our abilities, I will either pull this blog down or eliminate a request for donations, provided it doesn’t violate anyone’s TOS, and change it to a
    discussion about our dogs. We have three miniature Dachshunds. If donations are ok, and we get more than the cost of the surgery, we will donate the rest of the money to a dog related charity.

    At the same time I am pursuing a donation question, I am seeking a less expensive vet or veterinarian school for the procedures.



    I hope you understand that we provide only technical assistance here. Best wishes with the blog and with your enterprise. :)




    Am quite encouraged by your reinforcement of using PayPal’s button the link that provides info to set one up. I hear you about donations being acceptable, but I still will check with support – except now I may forge ahead learning how to do it.


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    There is always the Showcase Forum where people can promote their blogs…



    Timethief, I contacted the forum, as support was closed. Thanks for the good wishes.

    1tess, thanks for the suggestion about the Showcase Forum. I will, once there is something on the blog.

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