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Don't display the gravatar

  1. hellowordsalad

    Is there anyway to not display the gravatar (hover card) on a specific blog?

    The thing is, on my gravatar account, I included the links of my blogs.

    I now have a blog, it's open to public but I don't like people to know my other blogs (the ones in the gravatar). So is there any way to not display these?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can turn off Hovercards by going to Settings-Discussions, and scroll down to the Avatar section. See here please >

  3. Why not remove those blogs from the gravatar if you don't want people to know about them?

  4. hellowordsalad

    @timethief thank you!

    @Justjennifer Because I want people to know about them when I'm using my other blogs.

    Happy holidays to you two!

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