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Don't have permission??

  1. "You don't have permission to do that" are the words appearing in a pink block when I want to add a new category (top button to the right) when I am writing a post.

    I am a new blogger here,(from Paris, excuse me for the faults).
    Who can explain me the problem? (I am the only adminitrator of my blog)
    Thank you!!


  2. A quick search of the forum turns up a few posts.

    The suggestion appears to be to logout, clear your cookies and cache, log back in and try it again.

    It's apparently something to do with Ajax scripts.

  3. in this thread:

    there are some tips on what is happening.

    try to add by pressing enter after you write the name of the category and see if it works

  4. Thank you guys. Sometime it works, and sometimes it doesn't. It is completely unstable.
    What is Ajax?
    Ther a re a lot of things that I can't delete too, with the same problem of "permission".
    It burns my brain... :-(

  5. AJAX the kind of javascript used here at by management and elsewhere on the internet. Which browser and version of it are you using?

  6. This is AJAX.

    Seriously, AJAX is a technology used to send/receive information across the internet without reloading a web page. :)

  7. Exactly ! I have Ajax just for cleaning my windows & glasses ! ;)

    How could I know what kind of Ajax stuff i have?

    I am on a Mac G5 with Tiger & Firefox...

    (and I have problems with "permissions" to add categories and deleting again...

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