don't know where to begin, emails for two years about stuff no one can work out?

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    what on earth is domain mapping, I would love to get away from WordPress and its incomprehensible web site. I have had irritating emails from you for two years. Non of my friends can navigate around your site, your contact advice is also incomprehensible.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – Domain mapping is the process by which your domains and are attached to your blog,

    If you aren’t using one or both of those domains with that site anymore, I’m happy to remove the mappings for you.

    You also own the registered domain which I can cancel if you like, but please note that if you cancel it, there’s no guarantee it will become available to register again. If you want to use it with another site (not at, you should transfer it rather than cancel it.

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been frustrated! Just let me know how you’d like to proceed.


    I want to keep all my domain names there should also be and serviced-apartments-macclesfield, it’s that simple, but almost daily i get emails (from me,(email redacted)) asking if i want to change something or other, what the hell are mappings and blogs, don’t need them don’t want them, just want my four domain names which i’ve paid for and would like to keep, but that simple thing seems too confusing for wordpress, by the way I spoke to a computer genius today.. he said wordpress is well known for being a “nightmare”, well done guys !!!


    Ha…Just had another request today to transfer from (email redacted) (thats me), who the hell thinks up this nonsense???????



    Hi there – You have one domain registered with us,, and two domains registered elsewhere that are simply pointed here: and (both registered with WEBFUSION LTD.)

    All three domains are pointed to this blog:

    I can simply remove the two mappings. You’ll still have those two domains with Webfusion. I can also provide instructions for how to transfer your one domain,, to another registrar (away from

    You’ll receive emails from us every year when your domain upgrades are about to expire. We send quite a few reminder emails because we don’t want anyone to lose their domain.

    But all your upgrades are now renewed through November 2014, so you shouldn’t be getting emails about them now.

    Can you copy paste some of the wording from the transfer email you describe? That would help me figure out what that might be.



    Hi, This is what I receive on a weekly basis, I don’t know who webfusion are or how they got involved in my business, but what’s mapping , what’s a registrar and what happened to, this whole business needs overhauling it’s unfathomable !! Thanks for trying to help though x



    Hi there – I understand this is really confusing. Let me try to explain it:

    Webfusion is the organization that you purchased two of your domains ( and from.

    When you buy a domain, you “register” it for typically one year, during which time, no one else can use it. You have to renew it every year to keep it. So the company you buy it from is called your “registrar.”

    If you buy a domain from one company, and then you want to use it with a blog at, you pay us for “mapping” for the domain. “Mapping” is just the process that points your domain to your blog instead of to a holding page at Webfusion. It’s a separate cost from what you pay Webfusion every year to keep your domain registered.

    This is the case for two of your domains: and

    However, your third domain,, you bought directly from us, so we are your registrar for that domain, not Webfusion. You pay us $18 per year for that domain’s registration, and $13 per year for the “mapping” for the other two domains that aren’t registered here. You probably also pay Webfusion a yearly fee for those two domains.

    The emails you’re getting indicate that at some point, you initiated a transfer of from us to Webfusion, so that they would be your registrar for that domain instead of us. If this wasn’t you, maybe someone else that you work with on the site did this?

    I checked on your domain on our end, and there’s no pending transfer. I locked it just in case. These emails are not coming from us – I suggest you click the link provided in the email and deny the transfer, and that should stop the emails from coming.

    If you do want to transfer that domain to Webfusion, let me know, and I’ll be happy to help you with it.

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