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Don't know where to start......HELP

  1. For days now, I have been reading about the CSS basics and how to change colors, fonts and so on. But I don't how to start, which codes to change. I would like to change the color of the title of the post. I would like a colored border around my pictures. I would like a bigger font of the text of the post. I have theme Nishita and the Custom Design upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried reading the Nishita threads?

  3. I have read some of those post. That way I already managed to copy and paste the code to get the title and subtitle centered. I understand the principle, but the original CSS sheet of Nishita is abacadabra to me. I will go on reading and get back to you when I need more help. Thanks a lot for the link and the quick reaction to my HELP.

  4. Hi again,
    The custom design upgrade comes with Staff support, however, it's the weekend and this weekend Staff have been upgrading the platform to WordPress 3.4. I'm thinking that it's best for you not to be waiting for help with bated breath.

  5. Then hopefully I will get help Monday. Since I am from Europe, so not a native Englis speaker I had to look up "bated breath". ;-) I will keep breathing. Thanks and I will go through the threads hoping for some light at the end of this tunnel.

  6. I managed to bring some color into the blog. I would still like some help with borders for the pictures and colored fonts in the text of widgets.
    The blog is:
    I also have a Neocounter (NeoWorx) that I used on my old blog. But unfortunately that is a javascript. Is there a way to get that widget into this WordPress blog??

    Thanks for al the help.

  7. I apolofize for not using simpler language above. I'm sorry but we cannot use Javascript or iframes on blogs. There are non_Javascript thrid party widgets we can use. Scroll down to "Visitor Tracking" on this page.

  8. I still need help with the borders for pictures and colored fonts in the sidebar. I would also like to know if there is a way to tag multiple post. Since I moved from another blog I have to tag every post I imported ;-\
    Thanks for the help. So far I am impressed with WordPress, although the CSS is a difficult one.

  9. I still need help with the borders for pictures.

    Here is an example showing how to add a colored border for images inside posts and pages:

    .hentry img {
    	border: 5px solid red;

    Adjust the size and color as necessary.

    If you wanted to limit to just posts and not pages, change ".hentry" to ".post" in the CSS example above.

  10. I still need help with colored fonts in the sidebar

    CSS works in a cascade. That means that if you change the font in one area, say on the body tag, then the same rule is inherited by all the rules below it unless there is a more specific rule.

    In the sidebar of the Nishita theme, there are a few different colors set for different types of text such as paragraphs and headings. Nishita sets a base color on the body tag, and you can override that by adding a color code to the sidebar container which is #sidebar. Nishita sets a color for the "h4" tag, so you can make a more specific rule for the sidebar by adding a selector of "#sidebar h4". Last, the links have a more specific rule, and so you also need to have a rule for those if you want to override the color set in the theme. You can change link colors in just the sidebar by using "#sidebar a". Here is an example showing how to change all three text colors:

    #sidebar h4 {
    	color: yellow;
    #sidebar {
    	color: red;
    #sidebar a {
    	color: green;

    Adjust the color names as necessary.

    If you find any other text colors you'd like to change, just add a selector that targets them in the same way I posted above. One easy way to find selectors is by using browser tools such as Firebug for Firefox or the web inspector in Chrome or Safari. You can access it by right-clicking an element and selecting "Inspect Element." It will show you the HTML for the element you clicked as well as all of the selectors used to affect that element in CSS. If you still need help with finding the selector for other elements, post a reply here.

  11. It looks like you were able to figure out how to change the post heading color.

    To make the font bigger in the main column, you could do something like this and adjust the number until you find the size you want:

    .index-wrapper {
    	font-size: 1.3em;

    To make the base font size bigger overall, you could use the body text size setting on the Appearance → Custom Design → Fonts page instead.

  12. Since you have lots of pictures in your posts, you might like trying out the gallery option which makes it easy to add several pictures at once. You can set it up to display a single column with large images.

    I like the Macro post. That bug is so sharp!

  13. Hello Designsimply..... it all works. I am impressed with your knowledge. I will 'fool around' more with the CSS stuff when I am more at ease. Moving a blog from one site to another is not exactly easy doing (for me). I also need to understand more about the Develop Inspector.
    Anyway..... thanks very VERY much for your help. Hopefully I will be able to make changes myself without asking help.

  14. About the images gallery..... I have to think about that. I sort of like all the big pictures on the blog.
    Anything you can find on the blog and have an advise..... please do so. ;-)

  15. Hi Designsimply, I have another question. I tried to make the background of Nishita really blackblack with the following code:
    color: black;

    but the dark grey stays the same.

    Is there a way to get the background really black??

  16. About the images gallery..... I have to think about that. I sort of like all the big pictures on the blog.

    You can use big pictures and a gallery. Try adding a gallery first:

    And then edit the post using a gallery shortcode like this in the HTML editor:

    [gallery columns="1" size="large"]

  17. I tried to make the background of Nishita really blackblack with the following code:
    color: black;

    The first part is a selector. You would only want to use "#background" as a selector if there were an HTML element on the site using id="background". So let's try using "#header" instead as an example. Also, the the "color" property is for changing font color, you want to use the "background" property to change the background. Here is a very basic example for changing just the header background to black so you can see how it works:

    #header-inner {
    	background: black;

    To change the background color for more things, you need to add a selector to that list for anything that's currently gray that you can find. Here is an example which also removes the borders for those elements as well:

    #header-inner,, a,
    .navigate a,
    .navigate-single div,
    .navigate a span,
    .navigate-single a {
    	background: black;
    	border: 0;

    Note that I didn't adjust the sidebar but you could add that too. I also didn't account for all post formats, and you may find others that you want to add to the list as you continue to update your blog.

    Looks like you might be confusing selectors and properties a little. Give this tutorial a try to help with that:

  18. With your CSS the blog is pretty much 100% great. And I don't think I might be confusing selectors and properties..... I think I am TOTALLY confused by the CSS. I just don't take enough time to figure it all out by myself. These days I just try to get the blog working. I have been reading (and practicing ) the css-beginner site, 75% is still too difficult for me. If the blog is 'in the air' I might never change anything to the theme template.
    Thanks thanks thanks for the help.
    I still need some time to think about the gallery. I live in the USA, but me and my husband are Dutch and we travel a lot. Family and friends like to see all the big pictures and like to know what we are doing.

  19. This forum is always here to help, and it's very much appreciated if you try out examples first. You do great!

    I love pictures too. Try out a gallery as a test some time just to see if you like it. :)


  20. I appreciate all your help and positive attitude.

  21. I realize I can not use the NeoCounter anymore because of their Javascript/Flash code. So I am loosing all my counts from the day I had this counter ;-(
    Just to be sure...... there is not a workaround to get this widget into a WordPress.COM blog??
    I would be more than happy if it could be copies/pasted into my blog.

  22. There's not a workaround to add Javascript directly, but will the built in counter work for you? See

  23. I have the stats-widget on my blog. The NeoCounter is just so cool, because it has all the cities on it, so I sort of know which familymember or friend is looking at the blog.
    Thanks for taking the time to answer me.

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