Don’t Make This Tragic WordPress Mistak

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    I am a 57 year old old school lady, who spend about 12 all nighters building word press blogs, once I finally go the hang of it! Actually I didn’t think I had any all nighters left in me.

    However, being fairly new to the world of blogging and websites, and even keyboards (I took typing on a typewriter in high school); a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

    What do I mean by that? Well, I thought that .com mean commericial, and .org mean organization. So therefore when I built blogs on, I thought that it would be OK to include some links and some little ads (even though they were free) on my sites. So when I built Dating to educate people about what happend to me when I married a con artist and put an ad to a site called the Dating Passport, it was actually breaking the word press rules unbeknownst to me!

    Then, when I build another site called, I made the very same mistake. It was a completely non profit site dedicated to the idea of abundance even in the site of this bad economy. It was about trading and community and self employement. I had a section of self employed businesses, that offered terrific value. Those were considered ads as well.

    Long story short, Dont Make the Same Innocent Mistake I Made. My blogs,,, were taken down on NOVEMBER 1, 2009.

    It broke my heart. HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of INTENSIVE LOVE and LABOUR went into those sites, but they had links and ads and that is NOT ALLOWED on WORDPRESS.COM. That is allowed on

    However, I wish I would have been contacted, I have LOST EVERYTHING, and WordPress gave me NO WARNING. If I would have known I could have simply downloaded the site and moved it to

    When you read all the fine print, you will find this out. IT TOOK me hours and hours and hours to get through all it, and I reached this conclusion. Unfortunately NO one responded to my pleas for help. No answers to my phone calls or emails to support. NONE.

    So don’t make this same mistake I made

    WORDPRESS.COM allows to no ads or links to commericial entities

    WORDPRESS.ORG does allow ads and links to commerical entities.


    The blog I need help with is



    (1) The first tragic mistake is not reading the Terms of Service ,s/trong> prior to agreeing to them. Section 2 fifth bullet down clearly states that blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to third party cites and that’s exactly what all advertising does.

    (2) The second tragic mistake is not locating and utilizing the support documentation
    What kind of content can I post on my blog?
    We permit most types of legal content on, with the following exceptions: advertising, scraper, SEO, affiliate, warez, and automated blogs. VIPs are the only exception. See the Types of Blogs page for more detailed information. Material that is not suitable for children is permitted, but will be excluded from the global lists of top blogs and tags on Blogs that publish material that is illegal or that violates our Terms Of Service will be removed. It’s your responsibility to make sure you comply with our TOS.”

    (3) The third tragic mistake was not using the searchbox for Support Documentation to look up the keyword for all those who market goods of services of any kind at all from a blog or from elsewhere advertising



    oops! I accidentally left a bold letter tag open above :(



    and the fourth tragic mistake was not backing up your own blog.

    and the fifth tragic mistake was not contacting Support to ask them to allow you to download your content so you could set up a self-hosted blog elsewhere.

    tt, FWIW I’ve been very curious to see some subtle and some not-so-subtle ads being run by “featured” (not VIP) blogs.



    If by “non profit site dedicated to the idea of abundance” you mean, “get rich quick adverts cribbed from dodgy e-books”, then yes, all of the above is true.




    I do not think this word means what you think it means.



    Ah…The lady doth protest too much, methinks.



    Agreed and “greed” does enter the picture here. One person wrote a book proclaiming to reveal “the secret” and that has spawned a growth industry. So-called and self-professed LOA gurus are marketing all kinds of products to the unwary. There are even “get rich quick” LOA affiliate schemes that appear to resemble pyramid-like in their structuring.

    I think the tragic aspect is the dull of wit people who blindly follow these “gurus” rather than typing “Law of Attraction hoaxes” into search engines and watching the videos that expose the hoax.



    I know “The Secret.”

    The Walrus was Paul.



    *sigh* this is all too tiring to think about right now.

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