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    Dear WordPress Team,

    Today, I realized my blog disappear from all top blogs, top posts, growing blogs and public tabs. As most of answer from other previous topics, my blog may be marked as mature blog.
    I want to ask why? If you said it is because my blog has mature content, so where is evidences? My blog is used for writing novels and translating stories, no mature content. And many people (nearly 6000) follow my updating through top blogs and top posts. Marking my blog as mature is so inconvenient and unfair for them as well as for me.

    I have just had an argument some weeks ago with some people and they said that they will report my blog. Is that the reason? If that, I’m so disappointed with WP Team because you do not ascertain but enforce and remove my blog from public.

    There is also a rumor that WP has so many blogs, so WP Team can not manage all of them. For that reason, when there is a report, they just enforce without ascertainment. I know that WP Team is a bit overworked as has grown quite a bit. But please require the evidences for each report, many blogs of my friends were marked as mature when it isn’t. And they do not receive any reply from WP Team when they email to ask about this problem.

    Regard, Nhi
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Staff has not been marked as mature.

    Specifically, which listing did you disappear from? Please provide URLs if you can.

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