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Don't think any one can solve this problem

  1. Hi, I've downloaded WordPress offline - for the sole purpose of saving time. I can only go on the internet sporadically - so I was going to work on my posts and import them to my website when I could get on. That way in my free time I could assemble the post and import it and voila within minutes - I'm done. However the imports don't work anymore - at one point they did. The post and pictures would come up and now nothing. But I still get the email that says Post
    was successful. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong. Is there a setting off?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need the URL beginning with htp of the blog you are Posting to before we can provide accurate help.

  3. Say what? - Computer amateur here. Are you talking about my site?- it's

  4. Are you preparing huge numbers of posts and then exporting those and importing, or maybe just one or two here and there?

  5. I'm only doing one post import at a time - sometimes they have a good deal of pictures - up to thirty but sometimes only ten or so.

  6. This is a complete and clickable link to your blog :)

    Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes. If you do that your blog can be instantly located. :)

  7. If you have Windows PC then you can install Windows Live Writer and use it to write your Posts or Pages then unload when you have finished writing them - WLW is free - look over at for the download.

    There are also some programs for the Mac but I don't think they are free.

  8. PS - I use WLW and it is much easier than trying to Export then Import.

  9. Yeah, I agree with @auxclass, get one of the blog clients and use that. WLW is feature rich and creates solid, valid code.

    If you are on Mac, then have a look at Ecto. It isn't free like WLW, but at around $20 it won't break the bank either. I use it on my Mac and like it very well.

  10. I think the problem you may be experiencing is related to differences between and software. With Windows Live Writer or some other offline blog editor, you will be much happier.

  11. The import/export thing gave one person I know of fits. We transferred over from a .ORG blog to a .COM blog, and there were issues they are still working on straightening out.

  12. @TSP
    Don't get me started!

  13. Heh, I wouldn't dream of it.


  14. I moved (export / import ) the site linked to my name almost 6 months ago and there are still issues with the search engines, some of the import broke and I had a lot of hand rework to do. It was complicated with part of the old site being html coded, but there were some address issues that I thought the WordPress software should have handled better.

  15. @TSP
    I'm so upset I don't even want to log in to that blog but I must. :(

    Broken links everywhere. Missing images. Media Library searchbox that produces zero results when using the actual file name, title, alternative text, or description. 103 pages of images that can only be accessed by scrolling through page in the Media Library. just approaching that blog makes my blood pressure soar. :( [/rant]

  16. @TT - sort of sounds like the email I sent to the Staff - add images that were rescaled to 0 x 0 pixel - my site is very modest and I think I spent 40 hours on the stage one rework - Google is still flagging 45 crawl errors even after I turned all of those in at least twice -

  17. Hooray! You guys are great! I downloaded Livewriter and so far so good. Appears much, much easier and it was so quick to install.

  18. You be welcome & good luck blogging

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