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    Well, a week ago, I decided to create my second WordPress Blog. I’ve been blogging here about a year now and thought I’d found a good home…now I wonder.

    The second attempt had been nothing but a nightmare and the support in nil. There is none. I left a post a week ago and to this day there is no response.

    Here’s the problem: I created a blog…no, I’m not a noob…I’ve done it before. Here’s what I got the second time around…is it because of the recent conversion to the new formatt? Who knows…and right now, who cares? All I know is that is hasn’t worked!

    Here is the address is was given for my blog:

    BRILLIANT!!! Huh,?

    No place to change it. ALL I HAVE IS A GLOBAL DASHBOARD!!!

    I can do really big things like look at non-existent blog stats because there are no posts because there is no way to compose a post. I have a “dashboard” that takes me VOILA right back to the global dashboard to Blog stats, Blog Tags, Blog Surfer, Comments, etc. Oh and I can click on a profile that allows be to change a picture and click back and forth for a “fresh” and “Classic” look.

    I wanted to keep this blog and reset everything and asked for help in the origianl forum posting, but alas, I’m just SOL. Guess, I’ll have to obtain another 100 email accounts to try and figure out how the hell WordPress wants me to navigate their system…if they do.

    Am I frustrated? Ya, think!



    Ok, a couple of assumptions:

    1. You tried to create the blog using the same login account that you use for your main blog? Or did you try to sign up with a new account?

    2. You contacted Support about this?

    3. Never seen the global dashboard until about five seconds ago!

    I haven’t seen the original forum post, can you provide a link to it please?

    Frustrated – Undoubtedly, but with a very big deep breath and help from your new friends in this very forum I am sure that we can help you out! :)

    By the way, the link that you put in your profile in your main dashboard tries to go to two sites – and a myspace link. You can only have only link there at a time.



    I admire you. My one blog takes up more time than I care to admit.

    I can’t imagine having two or more blogs. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!



    I had a panic attack for five minutes, under similar circumstances. It all works in the end, through manipulating the users, and labeling them as administrators. You can invite yourself, now my dashboard has a drop down menu and I can switch between either blog.
    But like FROMTHELEFT above said, it’s too much for me.
    If would allow ‘asides’ we could have two different content themes on the same blog.



    I have two different blogs, both associated with the same email address and account. I haven’t had any problems with it. I bet there is a fix in there somewhere for you. I wish I could tell you what it is but I really don’t know. Contact support again, they are usually pretty good about getting back to people.

    Good luck. :)



    No place to change it. ALL I HAVE IS A GLOBAL DASHBOARD!!!

    Hi, I run several blogs and this is how it works for me:

    * If you look above the big Global Dashboard heading, there is a dark grey bar across the top of the page. (just the same as the dark grey bar at the top of your original blog)
    * All my blogs are listed horizontally across that dark grey bar, but they are in a mid-grey font colour which is not that easy to see. They are also all listed across the topbar when I am working in any one of my blogs.
    * If you can see the text, then just click on the name of which blog you want to work in and that should be it.


    Finally, thanks to all of you that responded!

    As far as the time to run more than one blog, what can I say? I like to blog and write :/ It’s years of pent of writing with no where to put it…

    It’s odd that the link I provided in the post above did not go to the new “blog” I am trying to create. When I click on it I’ m directed to what is suppose to be my blog page and as you can see, it is nothing but the Global Dashboard which does probably contain the links one responder mentioned above. (Could that be because I’m the owner?) The address for the new blog I’ve to create and I posted above is just for a dashboard! There is no other address. For instance, my older blog address is The address for this new blog as given by WordPress is just: Big difference in the two, right?

    I have tried all the obvious things, the new blog was created under a new user name, and email because WordPress would not allow me to set up a new blog under my original user name and email. That is part of my frustration…I’m running out of email accounts to use to set up a blog with! I tried to contact Support, but all that happened was I was directed to the Forums. *Sigh*

    I have seen the Dashboard and Global Dashboard on my older blog and have tried to make myself familiar with them for the past year. I admit I am not trained in HTML code. I have appreciated some of the new features of the new interface options that were added recently and have overall in the past found WordPress a better place to blog. That is why this experience has been so frustrating!

    I did look for the gray bar and did not see a way to manage both blogs…of course, I wasn’t even given a chance to name my second blog so there’s really nothing to manage yet…that’s what has been so strange about the whole thing. I was in the process of setting it up and Voila…I have a dashboard for nothing!

    Do I understand this correctly? If I “invite” myself to my older blog I can create a new blog or section to it? I feel like Vinnie or whoever on Welcome Back Kotter…I’m so confused…lol.

    I really, really do appreciate everyone’s response! Thank you so much!



    Sorry you’re having this problem. I’m loving my new blog. I hope they can get the problems fixed for you soon.



    You really shouldn’t need a new account or a new email address to set up your second blog. Make sure that you are logged into with your already existing account (for your first blog). Then go here: here and follow the instructions. I have three blogs and I’ve never had a problem. If the issues persist, contact staff directly via the support form.



    Oh, I saw you tried support and got redirected to the forums. Email them directly at support at wordpress dot com.



    The address for this new blog as given by WordPress is just:

    This is surely the problem, that is not an address to a particular blog !!!!



    Hi, Bamasteelmagnolia!

    I also like to blog and such. Hobby, and it relieves stress.
    But nowadays, technical issues and social issues are rising to kill the fun.

    Maybe you can email to the support team. The point is, WordPress has been such a success that with so many blogs, I doubt they will notice your posting of compaint that easily.





    It’s hard to tell because the description lacks details, but it sounds like you’ve created a second “username only” account, not a new blog.

    Username only accounts are intended for people who just want to post comments, or want to be a contributor to an existing blog without creating their own blog.

    If you log into a username-only account that doesn’t belong to a blog, you’ll arrive at – which is not a blog but a cut-down dashboard without options for posting etc.

    If you already have a account and want to create a second blog, all you need to do is log in, visit the front page and click ‘Register another blog’. The instructions are also in the FAQ:

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