Don't want dashboard menu to collapse automatically

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    When viewing my Dashboard with the links; Store, Media, Links, Posts, Feeback, Polls, Ratings and so on does automatically collapse itself so it’s hidden.
    Is there some way I can make it so it doesn’t automatically collapse the menu?

    The blog I need help with is



    No our dashboards now have fly-out menus and we have to hover to have the sub-menu links become accessible.



    Honestly, i hate this feature as well. Even if i un-collapse the menus, they go back to being collapse on the next page. The icons mean nothing to me. Its much easier if i can visually scan my eyeballs across the page and see the words of what every menu is.


    I wasn’t fond of it to begin with because I knew it was going to irritate a few of my web clients and also because I thought it would slow me down as well.

    Well, the clients are lightly irritated, but as for me I actually like it a lot better. Things stay cleaner, the flyouts operate quickly and I find it is faster for me.

    OMMV (Other’s mileage may vary).



    I find it find on a PC, but LOUSY on my phone. Almost imposiible to make the fly outs stay open while I enlarge the display enough to click on a menu item.

    I solved that problem by saving links to stats and “My Comments” separately on the phone.

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