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    Hi – I only want my gravatar to appear on the wordpress, but it is appear on other things such as doodle polls for completely unrelated things. Is there any way to restrict the gravatar so that it only appears on wordpress and no where else on the internet? If I change the e-mail address with which it is associated could this help?

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, if you add a Gravatar under a different email you can then change the email to change the gravatar for the page(s).




    Go to and click the Help link and the top of the page.

    A gravatar account and a wordpress.COM account are one in the same thing. You can have more than one account provided the email addresses are different. What is a Gravatar Profile?

    If you upload a gravatar and your are logged in under a username account that image will appear on every site your comment on that has gravatars enabled.

    You cannot limit the display to wordpress.COM sites only. However, by having different accounts with different email addresses and different images and clearing your browser cache and cookies before logging in under another account you control over which image appears. Read also:
    How to Make Your Gravatar Profile Private

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