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Don't want mouseover hyperlinks

  1. I use the Blogum theme at No one can see the links I insert into posts because they are not visible unless you hover the mouse over them. Then the text is underlined.

    How do I change it so the text is another color without having to hover the mouse over it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Use a different theme.

  3. Do you have Custom CSS?

  4. Don't have custom CSS, but willing to get it.

  5. If you get the Custom Design upgrade, you can edit Colors for links or you can customize the CSS for the links.

  6. You could manually code the text to be a different colour, but the problem with that is if you change themes later you'll manually have to edit each link code.

  7. @lucie13
    You can change the link color in posts, and especially since it looks as if you don't use lots and lots of them it is not difficult:

    1. Highlight your link text.
    2. Choose a color.
    3. Keep the link text highlighted.
    4. Click to add your link.

    Code will look like this in the text editor:
    <a href="http://LINK_URL"><span style="color:#red;">LINK_TEXT</span></a>

    You'd need the CSS upgrade to change link text color in most widgets.

  8. I can't change the code for individual links. I need to do an overall change.

    There is not an option under Colors, so I guess I'd have to do something with CSS customization.

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