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    I have pages like where there are hundreds of pingbacks. I unclicked the box so I don’t think I will get more, but I want to format the pages to not show the pingbacks (don’t need any comments) so is there an edit I can do to the footer file or appearance somewhere to just not show the hundreds of pingbacks on a few of my pages?



    You are in the wrong forum – see below

    The pingbacks looks like all spam – you should be able to delete them since they are just like comments – also do you have Akismet installed and activated on your blog? If not you should activate it

    The site you are asking about does not seem to be hosted on WordPress.COM so you need to make friends over at WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using.

    This site is for support of sites hosted on WordPress.COM. You should address your questions to WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using:

    For more on the difference:

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