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  1. This is the second time I have mentioned this and nothing gets done. I don't know what the word means in the US but IT IS NOT POLITE in English to call someone DOPE.

    This is your 93rd published post. Dope! This post has 173 words.

    Please REMOVE this word from your selection of stupid and unnecessary comments after making a post

    Quite why you have those pathetic comments I don't understand. Sufficient I would have thought to just note the number of words rather than being childish.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The phrase is "you're a dope", not just dope, and when it says "Dope!" it's saying dope as in "awesome" and "that's good", paying you a compliment. I'm from England and even I know this.

    If you're taking this word personally then that's your problem, you're happy to blog elsewhere, the other 5,000,000 people that blog here don't seem to have a problem with it.

    And think before you starting calling other things childish.

  3. *start calling. Jesus.

  4. Yeah in this context it's a good thing!

    I want to be 'dope' :(

  5. @ardpete
    I'm from England and even I know this.

    Well maybe you are young and this is the done thing with youth but as far as I am concerned it is rude and very unprofessional whether the intention is to say "awesome" or not. Why is any silly comment required anyway?

    And think before you starting calling other things childish.

    I do think, and I think it is a very childish practice to feel the need to make a comment when someone has made a post. It is only a machine responding so the comment is pointless and yes, childish and pathetic. And yes, I have thought about that.

    There might be some point if it was a person. I don't need a machine to pay me a compliment.

  6. Blogging as a whole is aimed at a younger generation than yourself, this website is aimed at a younger generation, there's a hell of a lot more offensive words than dope. And there's a lot more blogging platforms than WordPress that don't give you compliments every time you post. Why do a lot of websites do a lot of things? Because it's their business and they can do what they want with it. If it bothers you that much you're not being forced to use WordPress, you're not paying for it, it's free.

    We've established that Dope isn't an offensive word in this context. How about just ignoring it and moving on?

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