Dot Mac, iWeb and WordPress

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    I was thinking this week about the fact that you can host your wordpress site on a server, and that there are lots of cool options when you host it on your own server like templates… then it occured to me that I have a server.. a dot mac server…. and the thought occured to me “can I host my wordpress site on my dot mac server???

    then I just got to some other thinkings like “is there a way to integrate my wordpress site into iWeb??

    so my 2 questions are
    :can I host my wordpress on my dot mac server, if so, can someone direct me as to how
    :is there a way to integrate it with iWeb..



    Since you’re asking about self-hosted WordPress, the place to ask is over at provides hosting.


    Yes, as Andrew says, check over there, but as far as I know, dot mac/iweb doesn’t let you install programs. You can only use the built-in web page stuff they have.

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