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    Double backslashes seem to have changed their behaviors recently. I use them all the time in LaTeX code (which you support) to align equations and typeset matrices. They denote end of line markers. However, sometime in the last week or so, the parser seems to now change double-backslashes into single-backslashes. This *ruins* the intended LaTeX behavior. For example, the following code

    $ latex \displaystyle\begin{aligned}f(x+\lambda u)-f(x)&=\lambda\sum\limits_{k=1}^nu^k\left[D_kf\right](x+\lambda v_{k-1}+\alpha_ke_k)\\\&=\sum\limits_{k=1}^n\left[D_kf\right](x)t^k+\lambda\sum\limits_{k=1}^nu^k\left[\left[D_kf\right](x+\lambda v_{k-1}+\alpha_ke_k)-\left[D_kf\right](x)\right]\end{aligned}$

    should have two lines with equals signs aligned. Instead, the result is:

    $latex \displaystyle\begin{aligned}f(x+\lambda u)-f(x)&=\lambda\sum\limits_{k=1}^nu^k\left[D_kf\right](x+\lambda v_{k-1}+\alpha_ke_k)\\&=\sum\limits_{k=1}^n\left[D_kf\right](x)t^k+\lambda\sum\limits_{k=1}^nu^k\left[\left[D_kf\right](x+\lambda v_{k-1}+\alpha_ke_k)-\left[D_kf\right](x)\right]\end{aligned}$

    The blog I need help with is



    Okay, you (a) don’t have LaTeX support on the forums, and (b) in the first example, I used a triple-backslash so it would display as a double-backslash (as it does on my weblog). This is a hack that seems to work, yes, but it’s not sufficient. If I ever go back and edit my post, the double-backslash is then changed into a single-backslash and the problem is back.



    Thanks, it seems to have been fixed.

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