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Double blog and posts that disappear and reappear at random

  1. When I created my blog I got two identical blogs with the same domain and name. I don't know what the differece between them is, but I'm afraid to delete one, as they hav the exact same domain.
    I also have problems with posts dissapearing and reappearing randomely. I now have two posts on my blog and sometimes none is displayed and sometimes only one. Today the second post was there when I logged in, but 5 minutes later it was gone again.

    Anyone know how I can fix this?

    My domain is

    Thank you!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've seen a number of reports of this recently - I'll flag this for staff attention

  3. Thank you! :)

  4. It looks like our system created two blogs with the same name. To clear that up, I have renamed one of them

    Please go to both blogs and let me know which one you want to keep, and I will delete the other one for you.

  5. Thank you! I'd like to keep the dupe-blog.

    Do you think this will stop the posts from disappearing and reappearing?

  6. What was happening in the past was that you were posting to two different blogs at the same address, but not always the same one, and only one would appear when you went to the site. That meant that sometimes your post was on duplicate #1 but you were viewing duplicate #2.

  7. Ok, thanks!

    I still have two blogs. Is it ok to use the "dupe"-blog now or should I wait until the other one is deleted?

  8. I've flagged this for staff again. I think that now they have different names you are safe - but its probably best to wait for a staff answer to be sure.

  9. Will do! :)

  10. I think I may have misunderstood you when you said you wanted to keep the dupe blog.

    Do you want to delete the blog currently at and keep the one currently at If so, I can sort things out so the blog at the dupe address can be found at the non-dupe address, and the other one is removed (if this makes sense!).

  11. Hi

    Yes, I would like to keep the one currently called "" and remove the one called "".
    And yes, I'd like the current dupe to be the non-dupe.

    I'm confusing myself now :) Hope that makes sense.

  12. I believe we're on the same page now!

    Please clear your browser cache and then try loading again, and see if it's now showing the site you wanted to keep.

  13. featureddibopost

    Apologies for hijicking the post, but I do not see a reason to start another thread for the exact same issue.

    I have searched and found that this issue is faced by many and each time somebody from staff has to take care of deleting the duplicate one.

    Same issue (Exactly for me, hence I am not taking the trouble of explaining too deep) But superficially there is how it is:
    Two blogs(created duplicately..if I can use that word without hurting the purists of English), posts appear and disappear pretty randomly. At the moment I have only two posts (they sometimes appear in both and sometimes disappear in both). Can somebody from the staff remove one of those blogs completely and one remains with the two posts as they are. My blogs are at

    Thanks in advance for the help and attention

  14. @featureddibopost
    And what is the URL staring with http:// ?

  15. @featureddibopost I have removed your duplicate and empty blog for you. Please clear your browser cache and you should see the correct site at now.

  16. featureddibopost

    @jackiedana: Thanks for the very prompt and fast look into this..looks better now..Thanks again !!

    @timethief: It was Thanks for the attention

    Wonderful and very assuring to see help so quickly :)

  17. You're very welcome! :)

  18. Hi,
    I have got the same issue.
    Would you mind to fix mine as well?


  19. @bruciami I believe I have everything sorted out for you. I noticed that the blog without any significant content was the one with the domain mapped to it, so I moved your upgrade to the correct blog. Please clear your browser cache and your site should be working properly now.

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