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    I used to be able to upload a photo on my blog so that it appeared small, but if you double clicked on it, it would enlarge. Has that feature been removed from the free blogs? I can’t seem to figure out how to do it anymore.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    No. When inserting an image, make sure “thumbnail” is selected, and also make sure you click the “file URL” button before you insert the image. WordPress will remember that setting until you change it, so all images from that time forward will be linked to the full-sized image.

    For images already inserted into posts, click on the image in the post editor, click on the edit image icon at the upper left of the image, and then click the “link to image” button, click the “update” button, and then click the “update post” button.



    Does wordpress make a small image of the large one?

    I usually post a smaller image directed to the larger one.
    <a href="LARGEimageaddress"><img src="SMALLimageaddress" /></a>

    It helps a lot to optimize the photos.


    When you upload an image, wordpress will create a thumbnail image file and a medium sized image file from that file, so although they do not show up that way in the media library, for every image you upload, there are two more – a total of three. The original, a thumbnail and a medium.



    do you know of a way to create photo enlarge effect on wordpress?
    this means when someone hovers over a photo a magnifying glass appears and if you click it opens the photo to a bigger pic.

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