Double format on WordPress?

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    Hi, this is my question:

    I’d like to build a blog with wordpress. In the main page i’d put the posts in half-lenght –using the “Continue reading…” switch. My question is: can i use a template for the main page and other template for the full-lenght articles/entries? How can i do it?




    your template will affect all your posts. and one blog can only use one template.

    or are you thinking about keeping two blogs?

    and you can also have separate pages that are independent from your blog posts, but even them are subordinated to the blog template



    /nod to salamandrine

    You can have as many blogs as you want here but you cannot have a blog within a blog. At we do not have access to our underlying templates. At you may use only the themes found here -> Presentation -> Themes



    It was a generic question, my intention is to put my blog in my own domain, not in –sorry about the confussion.

    @salamandrine: nope, i want only one blog … i was thinking in a format just like, for examle, this blog: … in which posts are half-lenght in the main page, and if you click “Continue reading…” you go to the complete article, but with a different template –if you do it in the page i’ve given you’ll see that categories and other stuff doesn’t appear on the complete article page …

    justwondering if something like this was possible with wordpress

    thanks for the answers, anyway



    This is the forum for hosted blogs. We run on wordpress MU multi-user software that different from software. You need to go here and ask your question

    Also note that the css customization option does not apply to software. This upgrade is only applicable for hosted blogs.



    But if you do go to WP org and third party hosting then: yes. You can do what you want quite easily.



    Hi, I’m the writer for Brainsturbator and for some reason I felt obligated to help you out…at least obligated enough to sign up for an account here.

    We don’t use WordPress for Brainsturbator. We use Expression Engine for that, which is frankly a much better program. All of our sites and blogs that used WordPress, we’ve changed over in the past month, now that we’re making enough money off this to be self-sufficient. Expression Engine involves more learning than WordPress, but it also enables you to have a great deal more control. (Which is why we use it — plus it executes commands way faster than WordPress, AT LEAST IN OUR EXPERIENCE, there are many, many variables involved.)



    You cannot change the way the templates look here at the way you are explaining without the theme itself using different CSS on the main page versus the single post page (which we have no control over). The short answer would be no. As for comparing EE and WP downloadable versions, this is a better conversation in another forum or medium.




    I find it interesting that you have said:

    …. I felt obligated to help you out…at least obligated enough to sign up for an account here.

    For the record no one is under any obligation whatsoever to sign up for an account here.

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