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double http

  1. thefunkyrooster

    Today when I logged onto WordPress, I realised my blog address on top of my page now reads :

    http://http// and I can't even do a preview of my draft. Did wordpress changed my blog overnight??

    Please revert. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It worked well, but then out of the blue when I wanted to drag a link to my blog or some post or some comment from within my dashboard to be opened in a new tab (Maxthon Browser) it didn't work cause of the double http. What's that? It changed suddenly, so no blaming the browser or computer.

  3. I have three blogs under the same id, but the problem is with only one dashboard (samaralife). The other two (andyash and samaralifephoto) are not affected by this issue.

  4. Many people reported this issue earlier today; staff said a few hours ago that it was no longer happening. If it is still happening to you, you need to contact staff via the Contact Support button.

  5. It's cured. )

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