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Double images

  1. Hi there WordPress,

    Can't seem to find any other posts on this so far.

    When my posts appear in my shared tumblr blog the images appear twice. I contacted tumblr and they say its a problem your end. Maybe a widget or some other glitch.

    It's fine in the wordpress blog it's only when it is shared. The images don't appear in the Tumblr archives either.

    (There's no example to show at the moment as I edited the posts to remove the extra image.)

    Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Since you posted your thread, we have made some changes in how Publicize posts to Tumblr. Can you keep an eye on this and let me know if it continues to post double images on new posts going forward?

  3. OK. Will do. I've been unable to post for the last couple of days so I'll let you know what shows up tomorrow.

  4. OK. it seems to be fine now.

    The only problem I can see is that the images are not showing up in the Tumblr archives. They did so before.

    The whole attraction of these archives is that they present a very visual history of past posts, so it would be nice to get that back if possible.

  5. Thanks for the update. I've let our developers know about that issue, and will follow up with you if I hear anything further.

  6. Just wondered if there was any new nugget of information about the Tumblr archive issue...?

  7. Sorry, I don't have any further information about the Tumbler archive issue at this time. I will keep you posted.

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