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Double Notifications

  1. Hi,
    I am recieving duplicated notifications of likes and comments from the WordPress app. I am wondering why this is hppening. I get a notification that someone likes something (2 of them exactly the same) and when I go into my app, there is only one notification visible, as should be. The double pig/alert is annoying. How do I stop it?
    Ann J.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Howdy!

    That does not look right. A few questions.

    1. Is this happening only on the mobile app or does it happen on the desktop too?
    2. Have you tried reinstalling the mobile app to see if it helps?
    3. Is this on Android or iOS?

    Let us know and we can get to the bottom of this.


  3. 1. Mobile app. I think I reinstalled but I have done that again anyway.....

    2. I don’t THINK it’s happening on laptop (Mac)though I have not used it as much so I’m not sure

    3. IPhone SE, and I always do my updates.

    I have pics. Not sure if I can send in here. Will try...

    Does not look like it...


  4. Thanks for clarifying!

    Is it happening for all kinds of notifications? There are different kinds - as in, likes, comments, follows. Is it happening for all of these?

  5. I think it is for “likes”. Not sure. I just took pics of the last two events and they were likes

  6. So, this is not happening for other types of notifications?

  7. I can’t tell until I get some new notifications. My site was buzzing recently but not today...


  8. Let us know if it happens again, Ann, and we will help you from there.

  9. Ok.
    Thank you!

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