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Double Purchase - Please Refund for This Site

  1. I paid for (Using PayPal) and downloaded the same premium Theme - Profile - twice. Once for this account and once for Mojo. I thought when I bought it for this account I would get a down load but the site was only updated with the new theme and no zip file. In Mojo I got the zip file. I need a refund for the update to this site.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not sure I can make out what you're saying other than that you want a refund for one of the purchases. As long as it's less than 30 days after you made the purchase, you can get a Refund right from your Upgrades page.

    When you buy a theme, it's only for ONE blog. If you want the theme on two blogs, you have to buy it for each of them.

  3. Thanks for the reply Raincoaster. I was buying the theme for only one blog - my daughters. I thought I could download the Theme and then load it up on her blog.

    I check out the Upgrades page. Again, thanks.

  4. I checked my accounts this am and don't see where my refund has been submitted. What is the time frame for refunds?

  5. Do you work for WP or are you asking a question?

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