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Double spacing creates unwanted indents

  1. Some double spaces I write seem to rollover to my next line, resulting with an unwanted indent.

    For example — — this post has a one-space indent at the line that reads 'The obstinate rhinocerous'. There is another one-space indent at the line that reads 'What is said about the subject'. Do you see those? Maybe the indent is only at my end. But I haven't seen that kind of indentation on any webpage other than my blog. The indent always occurs at the end of a line that is also the beginning of a new sentence, where I have used a double space. I can fix the indents by replacing double spaces with single spaces but I would rather keep my double spaces. How can I preserve my double spacing and remove the unwanted indents?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How are you making the post? Are you pasting in from Word, by chance? The Paste from Word function is not perfect, and sometimes leaves odd bits of code that do this sort of thing.

    Either type directly into the post box or use Paste as Plain Text and format afterward.

  3. I was pasting from my other blog, directly into the post box. I didn't see the 'Paste as Plain Text' and 'Paste from Word' until you mentioned those! And you were onto something with 'odd bits of code'. I pasted my article into a text editor and used 'Replace' to search for a double space; the editor said it couldn't find a double space. So I highlighted my 'pseudo-double spaces' and replaced them with real double spaces — problem solved. Thank you!

  4. Excellent! Glad to help.

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