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Double spacing problem -

  1. marcusandcourt

    Hey all.

    I am a new member to wordpress and have been having some issues with double spacing between paragraphs.

    As an example, in my latest news post when I created the article I had an extra space between paragraphs to break it up more visually and make it easier to read, yet when I post it those extra spaces are automatically removed.

    Nothing I do seems to be able to get them back. I also cant seem to get the paragraph's first line to be indented, nor change the font or font size.

    Can anyone offer me any advice with this?


  2. marcusandcourt

    Thanks very much for that, really appreciate it.

    So for someone clueless, there's literally no way to get an extra space in via the graphical editor without pasting some code in the html portion?

  3. No. The wp editor won't accept multiple line returns.

  4. On second thought, I can think of a workaround in the visual editor: write a line comprising one or more spaces, highlight it, and click one of the "heading" options under the "Format/Paragraph" button.

  5. marcusandcourt

    I'll give that a shot, thanks again!

  6. Interesting approach, panaghiotisadam. Now, I don't use the RTE editor, thus I would probably be mistaken but, wouldn't create "empty" lines just pressing enter/return while holding down the Shift key at the end of every paragraph? behind the scenes that would create "brs" at the end of every paragraph giving the spacing the author wants between them.

  7. marcusandcourt

    I tried the heading approach. I used just the first heading in the list and it created too big a space - likely because it was such a big heading. I applied the change and for some reason it appeared initially then disappeared, possibly due to something I did.

    I think I will just stick to arranging the layout to break up chunks of text with left or right based images until such a a time as the editor allows for spacing - like does.

  8. Just as an explanation, standard paragraph formatting in HTML only allows one blank line between paragraphs which is why multiple returns get stripped out. WordPress, if they wished, could add the ability to have multiple returns into the TinyMCE configuration file they have to make it work here at wordpress.COM, but it would have to be something that was requested by users, and something they thought was a worthwhile thing.

    That said, I used to be able to get multiple returns to stick when using Safari (Mac), but not with Firefox, but now that ability is gone in Safari as well.

  9. @devblog:

    a) The code I'm giving in my "Blank lines" link was a suggestion of yours that I readily adopted, if you remember. (Can't locate it now but in another thread i wrote "after devblog tought it to me"!)

    b) No: shift or no shift, the damn wp editor doesn't get it!

  10. panaghiotisadam,

    Yeah, I remember, I was just thinking on another way where the user didn't have to switch to the HTML editor to accomplish that; I mean, based on this part:

    there's literally no way to get an extra space in via the graphical editor without pasting some code in the html portion?

    so, I assumed that the OP wanted to avoid that step, hence my thoughts on using shift+enter.

    Yeah, it is a bummer that the editor doesn't get it.


    Thanks for the explanation.

  11. @devblog, you're welcome and just as an aside (and OT to this thread), double spaces at the end of a sentence typically get stripped out for the same reason; the HTML standard says only one. Last I checked though you could add multiple spaces at the end of a sentence in the visual editor and they were not stripped out.

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