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    Hello, I updated some stuff on my wordpress site, and my old stats were not visible.
    Now I noticed that I have two IDs, can you please connect it under one, what I need to do to have only one stats, there is old one till 22th January and new from 22nd January till now.

    Please can you connect it.

    Thank you very much.

    I talk about:
    32589757 and 43843230

    The blog I need help with is



    That site is not being hosted by It’s hosted by Linode and it’s broken. I suggest you contact the web host.


    Its broken, what you mean ?

    Web host doesn’t have thing with jetpack and, I check my stats on or my dashboard, jetpack, etc.

    But stats are broken..


    And I don’t know where to ask for support, who is owner of Jetpack plugin ?



    Hi tomis!

    With Jetpack, your stats information is connected to a unique blog ID. Sometimes, if a site owner was using a development site or a different address when they set up Jetpack, disconnecting may create a new blog ID. When this happens, it may appear that your stats were lost. I can fix it for you and recover your older stats, but it does mean that any stats for your site that were recorded since January 22nd would be lost.

    Before I go ahead and fix the issue, please confirm that you understand and are ok with losing any stats since January 22nd.


    Oh, I wish I asked before, then I would say ok.
    So there is no chance that we connect those two IDs? Any way ?

    I had amazing, rather MIRACLE stats 26 till Today ! And I would not like to lose it, I do have it on GA, but come on, there must be solution to have both (1 with connected stats).

    I did disconnect on staging part of website Jetpack, and I don’t understand why it broke on main page :( but it did, I just connected it again, but it obviously made another ID :(

    Not my fault, and here I am, losing new data that is almost more important than history that I need as well.

    Please tell me that there is chance or way to connect ID’s into one, I think somebody got such solution here..

    If you ask me, I would rather some other MORE STABLE version of stats history and recording, but jetpack was here since start, so I need it :((((

    Please help me, and don’t tell me there is something to lose, I already lost couple days cause I didn’t know what happened, and 22nd is already messed.




    The stats have been merged, everything should be good now. Please let me know if you need anything else!


    Thank you very much.

    I knew it’s possible, thank you Richard !


    richardmtl, I had some htaccess issues, and now when resolved, I get this:
    ” unknown_token: It looks like your Jetpack connection is broken. Try disconnecting from then reconnecting. “

    I’m afraid to disconnect and connect, as that caused issues last time, please help me.


    I disconnected and connected and it works.

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