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Double widget in CSS

  1. I am using the css editor and for some reason I have two of some of my widgets. IE- two blogrolls. I left it up so you can see it and HELP. THe doubles are on the right side.

  2. I'm using a Firefox browser. I see you have the Garland theme up and I do not see double sets of widgets. This theme is a 3 column theme. It's designed to have two sidebars and that's exactly what I see. :)
    Also your remark about 2 blogrolls is a strong indication to me that you lack an understanding of something that you need to appreciate so I'll help with that. It's the Categories that you assign to links in your Blogroll that divides your single blogroll into sections. :) This will help you understand blogrolls, links and categories and their relationships.

  3. I know about blogrolls, I have two sections for links, my blogroll and my Awesome Links section. I have firefox too, you must have not looked very hard. Scroll down and look at my left side, you'll see Awesome Links, Blogroll, and a little lower and you will see Archives. THEN if you look at my right side, you'll see them AGAIN. They are there TWICE. I appreciate your help, but your tone seems really rude. I am just trying to do something and thought I would asked for help. I didn't want to be critized. And I happen to know what I am doing to an extent. I am very good at html, I happen to sell code to people to help them out. The problem I am having here is I am new to CSS. And for some reason there are DOUBLES on my profile. So could someone help me please?

  4. CSS can't create any page elements. if you have 2 of something, it doesn't have anything to do with CSS.

    the reason you have two blogrolls is that you don't have any widgets in one of your sidebars. the sidebars have default content that is replaced by widgets.

  5. I'm scratching my head as in your first post you said: THe doubles are on the right side. So that's where I looked for them.

    Now I can see that you do have a problem of side to side default duplication. As sunburntkamel says that has nothing to do with css, so I'll leave you to figure that out on your own.

    P.S. Your presumption that I was rude and that I was criticizing you before is completely off-base. I was only trying to help and what you said felt hurtful on this end.

  6. Actually Timethief I don't have to send a feedback because Sunburntka was right. I moved some of my widgets to the right side (I previously had a two column so all my widgets were still on the left side) and the doubles went away. Thank you Sunburntka for helping me!!!!!!!!

  7. Here are some references you may find useful for your css project:
    Read me first (About custom css)
    Getting started with custom css
    Learning about css

    Mark also recommends we optimize images prior to uploading and has listed some free image optimizers in this thread

  8. Thank you, I'll look into it. I am taking a break though. I have been spending more time on the computer today than with my baby, lol. It's addictive.

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