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Doubled posts in reader

  1. Some posts are shown twice in the WP Reader (!/read/following ).


    The effect is not new, I see it since weeks. It is not always reproducable. Not everytime, not with every blog, not with every posting of a blog.

    The only system I noticed is, it happens remarkably often (but even here: not always) with posts from .

    It happens only in the common view of Reader, showing all subscripted blogs. It does not happen, if the Reader is showing the posts of one blog only.

    [with browsers: FF 18, FF 19, Opera 12]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Effect still occuring.

  3. It happens with my Reader too, from time to time. Last time Staff were able to do something about it, so I'll tag this for them to look at. Let's hope!

  4. Sorry for the trouble! Are you still experiencing the problem?

    If so, what's the most recent blog URL that you're getting duplicates from?

  5. Yes, I problem still occurs. But much rarer then before. No idea, if it's only luck.

    Last seen doublet in my reader is this posting

  6. *grmbl* Wrong sentence structure.


  7. Hm, I'm not seeing the problem myself.

    Would you be able to provide a screenshot?

  8. I already did. Please see thread opener.
    As already said, the effect is not always reproducable. I have no idea, which circumstances must be fullfilled for a safe reproducability.

    But it is 100% not a problem with my browser (effect occurs with different browsers, even with cleared cache+cookies, even without any add-ons) or with my internet connection:
    Just now I got a message from Reader, that there are 2 new posts. I clicked the button and yes, there were 2: two instances of the same post (this time that one )

  9. Sorry for the trouble!

    This should be fixed now for future posts, but please do let us know if it happens again!

  10. Happened again.
    Today with that one:

  11. Hm, very odd. How exactly are you publishing these posts?

    Via the Dashboard, via!/post/ , via an app, via email, are they scheduled?

  12. I do not published these posts, I only read them in my Reader. They are from blogs I subscribed (from within a notebook with Windows XP and Firefox, both at up to date patch level)

  13. Oh, sorry about that!

    Do you see the same problem in Chrome?

  14. I did not have installed Chrome.
    I see it in FF 18, FF 19, IE 8 and Opera 12.

  15. Ok, would you please try un-following and re-following the blog?

    There will be an un-follow button in your admin bar up top when viewing the blog.

  16. Seems to work now correctly. Thanks.

  17. Been happy to early.
    It happened again, this time with that one:

    (I subscribed that blog quite recently, _after_ your hint concerning un- and re-follow.)

  18. Ok, sorry about that!

    Any luck if you un-follow and then re-follow that one too?

  19. I cannot answer this. Again: the effect is not always reproducable. And I won't un-follow and re-follow my complete subscribe list.

    If the programmers changed something, which takes noeffect not until un-follow and re-follow, then this is not an agument in this case, because I followed that blog _after_ the changes.

  20. We're looking into this, but it's going to take some time without specifics. If you run into it again and can fix it by un-following and re-following, please let us know.

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