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Doubling up of posts from a blog

  1. After a year of trouble free receiving and commenting to a blog, I was recently repeatedly asked by emails from wordpress to subcribe to follow new posts and again for when new comments are posted. Now, every time, I receive two posts of the same, they have started a new management page for me (all my history has gone), I'm not asked fro a password and sometimes only get one check box to get a reply to me and nothing for new follow ups! More like a ****up! Can't contact word press any which way, and support offers nothing on this problem. Any help please?

  2. Hi there,
    This thread has been flagged for Staff assistance.

  3. Hi there,

    You can edit what notifications you receive when by visiting your Reader / Edit List page:!/read/edit/

    You can decide what blogs you receive notifications from, and when.

    If this doesn't help you resolve the issue, please just let me know, and we'll keep working on it!

  4.!/read/edit/ - This link was not effective. I can find no way to visit my Reader/Edit List. Any other suggestions please?

  5. Absolutely, go to your Newdash (!/) or click on the Stats indicator in the grey admin bar at the top of your screen. Then click over to the reader tab.

    You'll see on the left it says "Blogs I follow" and in grey next to it "Edit List" - click that link. You'll see all the notification options for the blogs you follow.

    I hope that helps!

  6. Hi and thanks but, the one and only Blogs I Follow page that I can access any which way to WordPress is the one I've copied below (private details I've deleted). As you can see I subscribe to only one site (MWH) and the only edit choice I am given is to unfollow, which is not what I want to do. I just don't want the New Posts from MWH duplicated each time, which just started recently after your e-mails asking me to subcribe again! (The only choice in Settings is to blog all posts via WordPress, so I wouldn't think that's it either!). ??????

    Sites (1) |
    Comments (**) |

    This is the management page for following blogs. You will receive an email at *********.com whenever a new post is made on these sites. Unfollow a blog to stop receiving emails from that blog.

    Bulk ActionsUnfollow


    Delivery frequency (settings)

    Followed On


    Delivery frequency (settings)

    Followed On

    M W H

    ImmediateDaily (6:00 am - 8:00 am)Weekly on Monday (6:00 am - 8:00 am)

    December 7, 2011

    Become a user and have your subscriptions available directly in your account.

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  7. Hi again, I just noticed that one of the duplicated posts has my old comments to 28 Nov and the other has started afresh from 01Dec. They are both for the MWH blog. I am concerned that if I delete the new one the old will not be live (as it does not show my latest comment). What to you think/or other suggestion?Thanks.

  8. Hi there,

    Are you following the blog, or just receiving notifications when someone comments on a particular post? You can sign up to receive new posts AND when someone comments on a particular post, which may be what's throwing a wrench in the works here.

    I checked your account and I don't see anything strange going on, so let's start there and see where it takes us.

  9. Ever since I signed up to MWH a year ago, I have always received both new POST from the MWH blog and COMMENTS. Now I get the new posts duplicated (the comments only come once thankfully). Does that help you?

    I have always had to enter my password to submit my comments. Once recently, my comment went straight through (I do not know why) and then I was asked to subscribe to follow the blog and again for comments. That was when the blog's new POSTS duplicated.

    (Could you tell me, when you check my account, does it show how many comments I've made? I'd like to know which of the two management sheets you have showing, as it would seem that I've been subscribed anew for the blog posts. It will just then be a question of which one it's safe to unsubscribe from. I'd like to keep the original with all my comments, obviously.) Thanks.

  10. Hmm... Do you have a second user account?

    If not, I'll see if our internal team can see anything that's up with the email address you have on file.

  11. I wondered if, when I first joined the MWH blog, I was accidentally signed up to MWH directly AND again via WordPress, as , prior to this month, every time I submitted a comment, a box arrived saying I must enter my password as I was using a different identity/account (I can't remember which term they used). So, Yes, it seems that originally there were two accounts struck up, (perhaps one with my own name and one with the pseudonym that I always use (dichasium)? But it always worked fine till this month, so that doesn't seem to make too much sense either?)
    I only have ONE e-mail address which they both come to, so there's no problem with the e-mail address.

  12. Ok, I'll see what we can dig out using the email address. Thanks for your patience! :)

  13. zandyring - Just to keep you up to date - Now everytime I click to open an old blog in the comments history of my old or the new management page, it will not open and I get the message 'There is a problem on this site's security certificate'!!!

  14. Hmmmm...

    Last night we did have a system issue, so try clearing your cache and see if you still get that message. Here is more information about how to do that:

    Let me know if you do.

  15. Hi there,

    The only thing we can see going on is that you're subscribed to both the blog and the individual posts. These links may help clear up some confusion: and

    Further, you can see here what posts you're signed up for:

    As to your concern about removing yourself from subscription to a post - that won't remove any of your comments from that post. Did I understand that concern correctly?


  16. Unfortunately, none of the http:// addresses produce anything but 'no documents matched'!!

    Since the recent emails from wordPress in November asking me to confirm subscription and to confirm follow comments, the 3 issues began. 1. I no longer have to enter my password. 2. I receive two of the same MWH posts (one second after the other). 3. I also have a new management page from that time.
    I don't want two posts or a new management page (withouth my comments history). My concern is that the old management page has all my history but is no longer live (as it does not include the latest), so I can only access my history from it by REMEMBERING the last email post I commented on and TRAWLING back to find the e-mail from which to access it. I want it to be able to use it live again, and then cancel the new management page (that has just my latest comment (and hope the old management page will restart to include the new comments) . I am concerned that I may remove the new live one but not regain the old one?
    If you can answer the question I put to you on 11 Dec 7.22pm (last paragraph), maybe, I'll risk removing the new management page. and perhaps it will all revert to the original status, as it was before your recent requests for me to confirm my subscription and request for follow up posts?

  17. Zandyring- Sorry, last 3 words should say 'follow up comments?' (I don't want to confuse matters further!!)

  18. Oh dear! I've just had a look at the new (30 Nov this year) and old (07 Dec last year) management pages, and now they both show only 1 latest comment! The page which did show my previous 48 comments from 07 Dec 2011 is just showing the one latest comment. What on earth is going on? Now I'm worse off than before! Please can you get my comments history back? And stop me getting two e-mails of the same post?

  19. Hi there,

    Can you take a screenshot of the management pages you're referring to? I think we may be talking about different things, so let's get on the same page :)

    Here's a bit more information about how to take a screenshot:

    You can include a link here from a service like Cloud App to share the images.

  20. Hi, I do not seem to possess an image editor on which to paste a screenshot for you (though I'll continue searching). However, I did copy and paste the 'management page' to you on 11 Dec at 3.59pm. It copied the page format vertically, whereas it actually appears in horizontally lines across the real page. I thought you'd be able to identify from this as it contains all the correct words, albeit it vertical format? I access it from the Make Wealth History posts that arrive in my e-mail, at the bottom of his new posts there is always this link to WordPress : Unsubscribe or change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions. It opens stating this : This is the management page for following blogs. You will receive an email at whenever a new post is made on these sites. Unfollow a blog to stop receiving emails from that blog. And the rest is as copied above but it horizontal format.

    If this is still not enough for you to recognise the page in question, I can e-mail a word document which has a pasted picture of the page, but it will not paste onto this comment/reply box, so I'd need an e-mail address for you.
    Thanks, KW. (of course, now that the original one with 48 comments on it has in the last day gone!!!! they both are exactly the same except for the date shown as followed on, my original with 48 comments being 07 Dec 2011 (as shown above Dec 11 @ 3.59), the new one from 30 Nov 2012 after the recent requests to subscribe (again!).

  21. Hi again,

    Using a feature like or , you can upload a screenshot (or pasted image) of this page. I would need to see exactly what you see, so the copy/pasted text isn't helpful enough, I'm afraid.


  22. I downloaded the cloud app. and got the said WordPress Management Page onto the photoshop editor but I cannot find any way to copy it onto this box! Any suggestions?
    (ps. is this is an open blog? If so, please remove my e-mail details that you put one of your 13 Dec replies to me. )

  23. I've just noticed that there have been 8 comments on today's Make Wealth History post. I have not received any of them into my e-mail!!!
    God knows what's going on, but I've not changed a single setting. I've just looked at my settings page (on the said management page!) and there is not even a place for me to check or uncheck for receiving comments. So now I get in my e-mails two of the same posts from Make Wealth History and NO comments. Are you able to do anything? Surely, my WordPress management page is not different from others?

  24. Hi there,

    When I log in as you, and go to the Blogs I Like page, I do indeed see the Make Wealth History blog, with the notifications set to instantly. It shows there that you began following 4 days ago. Did you unfollow then re-follow the blog? that may be why you are seeing different strings. Additionally, I only see one post under "Posts I Like" that you are following. Unless you follow the post AND elect to receive all comments on that post via email, you won't see them. I also see under the Blogs I Follow / edit page, that you are not signed up to receive all comments via email (which is the other way you could receive those). To see this option, you go to your Reader, click "Blogs I follow" (selected by default), then click on the grey "edit list" link to the left of it. There you can select to receive comments.

  25. Hi zandyring and thanks for that. No, I have never changed a single thing. The issues began out of the blue two weeks ago.

    I have now logged in to WordPress from Google (instead of the said WordPress management page linked to the MWH email post), and found the page you spoke of with the EDIT option and I have checked the box to receive comments (which until recently, I always did!). So, hopefully, I’ll receive them all now from all posts

    But, assuming I do, I still get two emails of each MWH post. I can click on the link of the bottom of these to the WordPress management page. One of the posts brings up the WordPress management page stating that I followed on December 7, 2011 and the other says November 30 2012. There are no edit options. The original one Dec 7, 2011 contained all my own previous 48 comments until a few days ago when it suddenly only showed the latest one (now two). So, still the question is how to stop the two emails of each MWH posts? And then, how to recover the lost previous 48 comments from the day I followed on Dec7, 2011? One of the three recent problems may be resolved (yet to be seen), but two outstanding.
    I don’t understand how it’s not all seen and controlled by you (WordPress). Can you do anything about the issues? (It is not something to do with the sudden change two weeks ago when I submitted a comment to MWH, and for the first time ever, I was not asked by WordPress to first enter my username and password to have it submitted?)

  26. Hi there,

    I've asked the internal team to help me look into this for you. I'll let you know what we uncover!


  27. Thank you, that's great because (since checking the follow comments box), I'm now receiving many comments to my e-mail from 2010 and 2011 from BEFORE I'd even heard of Make Wealth History!

  28. Hi - we've completely removed your subscriptions to "Make Wealth History".
    Can you try subscribing to that blog again, and seeing if you get more emails than necessary again?


  29. Thank you and Happy New Year.

    Before I do anything, I'd better wait first, to see what happens when Jeremy does his next post any day now. If I need to re-subscribe I will. If I still get any of the 3 recently acquired problems, I'll let you know asap.

    Hope my username and password is kept live - it worked this time so fingers crossed!

  30. Hi there dichasium,

    I was wondering if you've had any success getting the normal number of email updates?


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