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Doubling up of posts from a blog

  1. Thank you for checking back. Your colleague cancelled my subscription and suggested i did the same and the re-subcribed. I did not have to as him doing it your end was enough. Unfortunately, since it first went wrong I also began being asked to confirm my subscription and again to confirm to 'Follow comments' every time I comment - this never used to happen. So, now I do not recieive any comments unless I have commented myself and then confirmed my wish to 'Follow' . This is a nuisance. I'm sure I received ANYONES comments before, whether I'd commented or not, and I certainly didn't have to keep confirming to 'Follow comments'! What a palaver!

    To top it, I got another request to subscribe, mistook it for the confirm 'Follow comments', clicked it and today - back to double post!!! I've clicked unfollow on the latest subscription, so fingers crossed, on this one!! But wish I didn't have to keep finding the original posts to see if there are any comments if I've not commented, as they get lost and I can't remember which ones are which. I'm missing all the interesting comments when I've not made one myself! Any ideas?
    Many thanks. (I also never got back the history of 48 old comments which I occasionally wanted to refer to!)

  2. Hi there,

    Once you're logged in, visit here:!/read/edit/

    It is found by going to your dashboard, then going to Blogs I Follow and clicking "Edit List" - there you can check the box to receive comments via email for any blogs you follow.

    Hope that helps!

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