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Down outage

  1. northharbourvets

    I'm in Auckland New Zealand and cannot access my blog. Complete outage for more than two days. Help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post the URL for the blog in question starting with http:// so we can help you.

  3. dannevirkelibrarian

    I am having the same problem for my three blogs...

    And my blog with my own url

    All three won't load

  4. @dannevirkelibrarian
    The good news is all data is safe. I can view all 3 logs here in Canada.
    Please contact Staff using this link. >

  5. OOPS! I'm experiencing rolling power blackouts again. Here's the correct link for contacting Staff

  6. dannevirkelibrarian

    Thanks. I have done that.

  7. I know you must be frustrated because I would be, but I also know that Staff will get back to you as soon as they can. Please be patient. :)

  8. Same here from Singapore. Haven't been able to log in for past 12 hours. WordPress Home page seems OK but random individual blogs don't seem to work.

  9. @gdy2shoez
    The site was under continuous series of DDOS attacks yesterday and previous to that that were not trivial in nature. Staff had a heck of a job before them but they accomplished putting blocks in place. Please use the link above and contact them about gaining access to your own blog.

  10. northharbourvets

    Maybe it's a *regional* thing? (Auckland, New Zealand)
    My blog is still out of commission.
    Happy Days.

  11. @northharbourvets ~ Here in Texas, I can see your blog just fine.

  12. Yes, it's a regional thing. It's particularly bad in Singapore and Indonesia. Apparently also in Australia.
    And Russia. I was in a chat room and I suddenly saw ALL the Russian people quit at the same second. Like, forty of them. That was a rare opportunity to actually WATCH the internet go down.

  13. Unable to access my blogs for over 24 hours now (Rotorua NZ)

  14. I'm sorry that your access was negatively affected. Please contact Staff using this link. >

  15. @TT - I'm just wondering - the techo in me - but this DDoS attack seems to coincide with the dramactic increase in spam referrer activity. I've not seen the sort of activity I am seeing with those before at it seems they started at around the same time. Is it not quite curious to get multiple hits (20 - 40) from the same spam referrer? Or was I just lucky before?

  16. @teamoyeniyi
    I don't know. If I did know then I would be aware this is a public forum and that means the hackers are probably tuned right in to everything said here, you know?

  17. @TT - yes, but they'd also already know the answer to my question! :)) Hackers are weird people anyway - I've never understood the mentality required. Maybe I am too old! I probably just upset them some more. :((

  18. I've never understood the mentality required. -- Me neither ... shrug

  19. Did you know that way back in the birth of the computer to be called a "Hacker" was a supreme compliment - a title bestowed by your peers for doing something that had not been done before or a real clever way to do something.

    Read Hackers by Steven Levy (I think I got the last name right) - the first Hackers came from MIT and the Switches and Power supply sub committee of the Model Railroad Club.

  20. Let's just take the hacker/cracker issue offline, shall we? It doesn't appear relevant to

  21. northharbourvets

    Hello? What?
    We can't access WordPress.

  22. Have been experiencing problems accessing my blog over the past 24 hours ....

  23. and your geographical location IS?

  24. singapore

  25. If you're having trouble connecting with your blog, please contact us directly via

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