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    When I click Import Attachments > Download and import file attachments when importing files, what does that mean, why do I get 4000 images, when I suppose to have 1000 on my current blog. What is this function used for? I would like to know if I have over 2 blogs, well, basically I have like 5 blogs. But what I see now after importing with this function: I get all 5 blogs’ media library’s images, that means there is a lot of duplication. I need help whether I should delete the 3 other blogs, and whether I need to use this function. I’m insane, willing to have a solution, I have so much questions to ask, but no one answers me about this.

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t see the option you’re referring to, are you hosted here on or is your blog somewhere else not on


    @scott Five of my blogs that have problems are all hosted on

    The option will appear when you have selected an XML file in the ‘Import’ section, on the next page you will see some available options – which is the (Download and import file attachments) option that will appear below before it gets processed.

    I want the problem solved, I waiting for the answer for almost a week, because it duplicates all blogs media lib. images at once, it means it back up other 4 of my blogs images, how can I not do that. If I do not include this import file attachments option, will my lib. cannot be backed up, like, there’s no images showing up on the new blog. If so, what can I do to back up the images lib. from my current blog to another blog without using this option as it duplicates it. I do not want to spend hours to clear out the image files again, I want to do the right way, please help.

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