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    Is there any way to download your blog (ie. all of your posts) to your hard drive? I imagine there are a lot of people who like to keep hard copies on their computer, but I can’t find a way to do this. I know there is an export function that gives you an XML file, but this just lets you upload it to another blog and doesn’t allow you to open it in a text program (ie. MWord, notepad, etc). Thanks!



    You can open XML files in notepad and other text editors. XML is just a formatted text file.

    If you have a lot of blog entries, then the XML file might be huge, so you’ll need something better than Notepad. You can try Notepad2 or Wordpad, if you need a editor like that.



    The XML file is just one enormous file containing a ton of programming-like text though, right? When I scroll through, I can search for my posts embedded within the script, without formatting or anything. Is this what you mean? I thought that there must be a way to download your archive in some form where you can keep all of your individual posts.. at this point, I’m copying each one into MWord, but I don’t know if I’m really going to keep that up.



    Here’s what I do: I use Feedburner for my feed and subscribe to it. That way, I get an email every day with my posts in it.


    Sending the emails to a folder titled “My blog” once the feedburner email reaches you is a good idea. That way you have everything at your fingertips! :)


    vivian’s tut and my elaboration won’t work in your case, since you plan to have an offline collection….



    Thanks for the Feedburner advice. I’m unfortunately having problems figuring out Feedburner, but I decided not to pursue it since it wasn’t really what I was looking for. I guess there just isn’t any way to do it. Hopefully if other people want to be able to easily download back-up copies of their archive to their hard drive, WordPress will look into it. I don’t imagine it’s too difficult of a feature to implement.



    If you have the “backup” XML file you can easily put it into an install of wordpress (here or elsewhere) to get your entries. It is the only way through the wordpress install to get a backup and will be for the foreseeable future. If it is a must in another format, you might want to copy your blog entries into a text editor or a word processor before publishing to keep an offline copy.

    As well, there are 3rd party solutions that can put all your entries into a “book” for offline publishing, but nothing supported here in the forums.



    there are 3rd party solutions that can put all your entries into a "book" for offline publishing
    you might like to try out blurb! :)

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