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Download post.php

  1. When I went to post an entry, it asked if I wanted to download post.php...

    I declined, but something seems wrong.

  2. I seem to be getting that behaviour on a few .php pages - firefox / extension related maybe?

    I click to cancel and then refresh whatever it was or click to cancel and click publish. If you aren't sure, copy the text before you click anything.

  3. ctrl+a, ctrl+c is becoming an integral part of my blogging.

    How on earth can it be firefox related?

  4. Because I'm getting it on other pages - some, some wordpress hosted, some not wordpress at all.
    I put it down to the browser update.. could be wrong.

  5. I'd put it down to the post.php… could be wrong.

  6. How could it download the source code of the php file? That could be a potentially huge security risk.

  7. It's probably wanting to download the output, not the source code. That's what I usually get when I see that error.

  8. anyhow it's only download, not upload yet ;-)

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