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    Hi everyone,
    Is there anyway to download the statistics collected by Site Stats? Currently I want to download the number-of-view time series. I have run my blog on for 2 years, so I think it would be interesting to analyze the annual trend, monthly trend, weekly trend,etc.. It would be best if the resolution is by hour, but i guess by-day resolution is good enough. Thanks in advance.



    Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog you are asking about when posting to these support forums?

    I have searched and cannot find a means of downloading the site stats data.

    I have flagged this thread so it will be moved to the Ideas Forum where you can make your suggestion to Staff.



    Thanks for your reply. I thought this question was about blogs in general, so I did not see the need of including my blog’s address. Here it is:



    You can download stats, but it will be under CSV format, which may not be what you are looking for…

    Stats already give you several views (weekly, monthly, etc.)

    Anything more detailed than that would have to come from a third party stats provider (such as SiteMeter or StatCounter).

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