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    Where can I download the Twitter Widget. I saw the page on how to install it to include tweets on the blog sidebar but where can I find it to download and install.

    The blog I need help with is



    Thank You I went to this link.

    It gives instructions on how to set up the widget. Where do I find this widget to download.


    You can only apply it to your site, you can’t download it.

    Why would you want to?



    ok how do i apply it. click what where? I am sorry the instructions on the page were not clear.



    Go to your site’s Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets and there you will find the Twitter widget which you can then configure according to the instructions in the above Support document.



    What does this mean
    Inactive Sidebar (not used) This sidebar is no longer available and does not show anywhere on your site. Remove each of the widgets below to fully remove this inactive sidebar.

    Edit Add Twitter Twitter: Anita’s Tweets

    Twitter username: ( ? )

    Maximum number of Tweets to show: 1234567891011121314151617181920

    Hide replies

    Hide Tweets pushed by Publicize

    Include retweets

    Display Follow Button

    Text to display between Tweet and timestamp:

    Delete | Close

    Display your Tweets from Twitter
    Inactive Widgets Drag widgets here to remove them from the sidebar but keep their settings.

    Sidebar Edit Add Search SearchTitle:
    Delete | Close

    A search form for your site Edit Add Recent Posts Recent PostsTitle:
    Number of posts to show:
    Display post date?
    Delete | Close

    The most recent posts on your site Edit Add Archives ArchivesTitle:
    Display as dropdown
    Show post counts
    Delete | Close

    A monthly archive of your site’s posts Edit Add Categories CategoriesTitle:
    Show as dropdown
    Show post counts
    Show hierarchy
    Delete | Close

    A list or dropdown of categories Edit Add Meta MetaTitle:
    Delete | Close

    Log in/out, admin, feed and WordPress links



    How do I activate a widget. It shows up under inactive widgets with
    Drag widgets here to remove them from the sidebar but keep their settings.

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